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Parents' Most Common Problems When Newborns Come

Parents' Most Common Problems When Newborns Come

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Sometimes the tiniest ones are the biggest challenge for parents. Our mothers have been asked what the biggest problems they have with their newborn baby.

1. Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is one of the most natural things in the world and requires some practice. Especially at the beginning, things don't go as smooth as you might think. At least 2/3 of the parents have a problem with it.The problem: 42% of the moms asked are uncertain whether their babies have breastfed sufficiently.
The solution: You're watching the baby signs. Believe me, she knows how much milk she needs. If you breastfeed on demand, you will always eat as much as you need.
The problem: Mom can't know how to put the baby on her breast.
The solution: Look for tips on the net, for example in this article.
The problem: Breastfeeding is ruthless.
The solution: Design a comfortable little sucking brush in your home. Breastfeed on your bed, in an armchair, or even on a simple little bench, find the place where you are best. If you think you can get a breastfeeding pillow.If you are still not breastfeeding, ask an experienced mum or ask for a breastfeeding advice.

2. Nutritional nutrition

Nutrition with a diet is completely different than breastfeeding and has its own challenges.The problem: You do not know which diet to choose.
The solution: Find out how to choose. It's best to ask your pediatrician before you hit the shelves.
The problem: It's a diet.
The solution: You decide what your options are. If you are prescribed a diet by a doctor, it is much cheaper than buying a sympathetic product in your drug store. If you go there, you can try out your own branded products at a better price.
The problem: You have a consciousness that you are dieting for your baby instead of breast milk.
The solution: Be aware that your baby is not the first, nor the last to receive formula. Talk to other moms about this and ask them how they overcome their guilt.

3. Other nutritional problems

No matter if your baby is breast-fed or fed, you can deal with the dilemmas below.The problem: The baby will overturn the milk / formula.
The solution: Find out what you're doing. Are you up? Isn't that her formula?
The problem: Refluxos is the babбd.
The solution: See what can be done in this case. You will find a lot of help in this article.
The problem: This is how you get your baby not growing properly.
The solution: Is that really the case, or are you just worried about it? Here you find tips.

4. Alvs

Sleep or anesthesia is probably the biggest challenge for newborn parents. The problem: Baby night is too much, you are not asleep and you have no idea what to expect.
The solution: You need to know that this is a completely natural thing for a baby to wake up at night. Our articles will teach you how and how much baby sleeps and how to develop good sleeping habits. Here's an example of an evening routine that provides security.
The problem: During the day the baby does not want to sleep.
The solution: You create an agenda that includes daytime sleep.

Life with a newborn baby is not easy

5. Snrb

The babies really cry. Each. You obviously know that, but you're probably not comforted, because you're not asleep or maybe upset. And, of course, would you understand why the baby wants so much?The problem: 21% of inquired mothers struggled with lung cancer.
The solution: Who do you need to know why your baby is crying? Бlmos? Йhes? He feels hot? Do you have a cold? Or are you just looking at your body? If you have a reason, you will also find how you can calm it down.

6. Exhaustion

Half of the mothers questioned said it was more difficult to care for a newborn baby than they had hoped for. The problem: You're exhausted. For 71% of moms, sleep deprivation is the biggest problem they have with their baby.
The solution: You must rest. How? And when? For example, when the baby is asleep in the sun. Don't worry about our housework, that's it. When he or she is asleep, you can relax as well. Or at least relax.
The problem: You don't have time for yourself. 64% of the respondents never have time for themselves (or for housework).
The solution: Bring your pood to your homework. Try to schedule things better if you cook for two days in advance, for example, because you do not have to crawl in the kitchen every day. It's also a good idea to refill your freezer, this will be practical sooner, when it comes to feeding when your baby needs to cook small portions as well.
The problem: Having a baby makes your relationship with your partner a good one.
The solution: You need to be alone for two. Yes, we know you don't have "unnecessary" time with your baby, but still. Ask one of your grandparents to take care of the babies a little while you go to the cinema every once in a while, or to have dinner or just go out for a big meal. Also read these:
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