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Move your body and your mind!

Move your body and your mind!

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Pelus, buttocks, baby bibs. Simple little roles with the kid, playing every day, walking to the store and back, maybe with a little baby massage. Admit it, sometimes there is something more exciting to do! For example, memoirs!

However much we love our children, motherhood, warmth at home, sometimes even mothers benefit from diversity. Sхt! If you take the time to recharge, some good ideas will start to flow in your brain like magic!
Arrуl not to mention that a memуriatrйningbe invested time is always worthwhile: or maybe it doesn't take too long to find things that have gone a little too long? Or do you forget things important again and again? If so, now is the time to change! These are three effective and entertaining techniques that you can practice regularly with your little one, and even with your child at any time.

Eat Memories!

Numerous research studies have shown that the introduction of certain dietary rules can effectively increase mental health and prevent certain brain degenerative diseasesfor example Alzheimer kуr.
1. Never miss breakfast! The first meal of a varied, varied diet will lay the foundations for the day: be sure to include some raw fruit and greenery.
2. Avoid high glycemic index foods! This subheading includes refined carbohydrates (white flour, desserts containing added sugar, sweets). Make sure that your food always contains sufficient dietary fiber and that you do not sugarize anything. You can read more about the food glycemic index here.
3. Avoid placing anything on the table! What you make is better able to keep track of its ingredients.
4. Eat fresh or frozen fruits instead of sweets, which are especially beneficial for high antioxidant berries. For more ideas click here!

Regular exercise will have an incredible effect on you and you will see it!

Exercise or run!

If you also take time out for sports every day, you will be surprised to find that your brain also works better. One of the reasons for this is the more efficient functioning of your metabolism and the fact that harmful, polluting substances are released more efficiently by your body.
The other is that you will be much more anxious, happier, have more confidence, and as a result, your problem-solving skills will improve. You can read more about sports that can be cultivated alongside your baby here.

Online quizzes are for you!

The television kvнzmыsorok are also great brainstorms, but nowadays you will find countless games on the Internet that you don't have to wait until night. Such shows and games have the advantage for moms that they won't lose the yarn even if they have to jump up three times in between.
You can play more varied games on the net whenever the time allows. Believe me, one rцvid brain training also to refresh you a little mentally. Get up! Also worth reading:
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