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Happy and Successful Mom - Here's the formula!

Happy and Successful Mom - Here's the formula!

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Of course, that we all want to be happy and successful in life, the problem is just being a little bit thicker than we ever imagined.

A mother is thicker for her happiness and success

The good news, though, is that it's not impossible to be a really successful superwoman and enjoy life with full bust. (Even if you get up late in the night with your newborn, and your three-year-old has a hunger strike and eats nothing that doesn't have his own cheese flavor.) and how we can make it a reality in any life situation. "Success and happiness are hard to define, and science has not yet been able to articulate exactly what it means," said Dr. Daniel Brown, research director. "But our study has shown that the key to success really is whether we are able to develop, to be better, and then to become a master at something." In other words, we are happy and successful when we feel We have feelings about ourselves and the results we achieve. Of course, this feeling is not always easy to create in ourselves - that is what explains today's fashionable coaching profession.Dr. Brown on the contrary, he says that there is a formula for success, and he mentions the following essential elements for this:
  • Optimism
  • Spirituality or faith (eg religious practice)
  • Motivбciу
  • There is a willingness to act
  • Rugalmassбg
  • Social sentinels
  • Learning to be passionate
  • Magabiztossбg / цnbizalom
According to Brown, we do not need to own all of them at the same time. However, if we are able to make some difference in our lives, then we are way ahead of the bloke. There is also a list that includes the external factors:
  • Lehetхsйgek
  • Support for the family and the boss (es)
  • Calm environment
  • High degree of autonomy
  • Cross Challenges
  • Trust in the people who surround us
If you can tick both of the items on the list, then you are scientifically successful. Of course, you open your eyes to "calm environment" by saying that you have a "calm environment" with two children. But that's okay! Once again, we do not need to meet every single criterion. The point is to go get the most out of it and create great things to help make your children happier! For this was clearly a success, dear mother.- You wanna be happy? Have a kid! ”“ A good recipe for happiness