Ranschburg: the key to "trust" and "elective" education

Ranschburg: the key to "trust" and "elective" education

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We live in a rational world, and strangely enough, more and more psychological research is concerned with the importance of emotional education, emotional intelligence, which - often - provides a better guide to the world than lexical knowledge.

Emotional education is at least as important as mental education

Emotional education, that mother-child relationship from an early foundation, the importance of loving education dr. Ranschburg Jenх he talked to a psychologist T. Puskbs Ildikou.

The "eagerness"

- Although we know from the Bible that maternal love is longing and gracious, and that the truth is that the majority of mothers really seek to raise their children with love and care, and our emotional education is not important. Do we need to raise our child emotionally as well as spiritually? Emotional education with the first touch - just as the mother embraces her newborn baby in her heart - begins and is based on an early mother-child relationship. In the first few weeks, ъn. during the care period - not only does the mother learn how to take care of her tiny little bodily needs, how to organize her life, but also how to interpret and receive her little signs. During this period, some kind of "conversation" begins between the baby and the mother. The nature of this communication shapes the personality and determines the development. For a baby, the mother is the connection to the world and her confidence in her mother, ъn. "old-fashioned confidence" a connection to the future world, its contemporaries, social integration. Between an open, inclusive type mother and a few months old seedling, a "love dialogue" is developing. The little ones whose mother is "Vбlaszkйsz", more balanced, physically and mentally healthy, more mentally open and creative than the emotionally cold, well-cared for.

The foundation of security

From the "love dialogue", the child learns that it is possible to give birth to the world (whose mother is the spokesperson), to ask questions about their environment, because they simply do not remain unanswered, because the mother is your smile, the answer to guggling: caressing, rocking, hugging, feeding. The poor little day by day learns not only how to receive, but also how to return feelings. To put it another way, if you compare a person to a thing, it is the love of the mother, maternity security. The mother must be present, it is important that, for example, during the small hospital stay, the parent can see, caress, care for the child on a daily basis, ie maintain a love affair.

There is no signal

There are mothers who are very conscientious about caring for children, but they are emotionally cold, so we can say "locked in", so they do not take their children 's signs, they can not express themselves differently, the child does not even try to "signal", since he knows he won't get an answer. Mothers, called cold by psychologists, cause children to have confusion disorders. Also worth reading:
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