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Doctors are asking for an unauthorized reimbursement fee

Doctors are asking for an unauthorized reimbursement fee

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There is a decree governing the cases in which home doctors can ask for money from patients, but the situation is still not completely clear. Your word came after the request.

Doctors are asking for an unauthorized reimbursement feeTwo years ago, the medical chamber offered a suggestion about when a home doctor could ask for money if the patient called them home. That's what he called me the cost of emergency services is 2-5 thousand HUF is included in the recommendation, there is an order where prices have been posted already. "If someone calls the order 3 days ago has a throat but does not want to have a man in the blood or head waist, now you have to jump in first, then I usually say, "You pay a $ 3,000 emergency fee or you come in," says a home doctor. Your company also lists dozens of services on its website for which it charges its patients reimbursement. Kцztьk tцbb is something that is not in the tйrнtйskцteles ellбtбsokat fцlsorolу jogszabбlyban: pйldбul such a diйtбs йtkezйshez, szьksйges kьlfцldi munkavбllalбshoz igazolбsok kiбllнtбsa pуtlбsa or lost recipes - use the Nйpszava.Az elmъlt a few weeks kцzцssйgi mйdiбban ismйt fellбngolt the debate as to whether jogszerы- we ask the home doctors for that money, and if so, what service and how much. Based on the comments made by the forum users, the home physicians usually ask for five thousand forints, but they have also written a letter to the doctor. on the order or on the home doctor's website, the rate you see on the public is always much better than your monthly fee. "- quotes his own summer story last summer. Then I'd rather take the notepad as other craftsmen do, a home doctor said to the NPS. the chamber's offer of a fee is not a legal source and in its opinion there are cases when it is difficult to decide whether to call the home doctor out of grace or convenience. Selmeczi KamillHe is also chairman of the National Association of Elderly Doctors. Х says that there is a statutory framework for home medicine that the patient should be treated at home, if necessary. It is clear that you cannot call for a call to the house. He thinks that there is no need to call an unjustified house in the primary care. The patient only knows that he is not good, but how sick he is, the doctor has to kill him. Therefore, if you call, you must go home. If someone in such a situation asks for money after the examination, you will know if you know you are doing it without a legal basis. It may be easy to be punished for it.Selmeczi Kamill notes: There is a decree listing a list of worthwhile benefits that lists or dozens of medical activities that can be pursued. Such as the possession of a firearm, a medical certificate required for a license, or a finding. These can be accounted for by your doctor, but not what is not.Zsombor Kovácsy health care law has also been abolished by the article, and it states that, based on the law on health insurance, home practitioners do not yet have the opportunity to request an unjustified gratuity. It is part of the home doctor's care that, if necessary, the doctor goes to the patient's home. If the home doctor calls for a medically unjustified homeowner, this may delay the performance of the duties that are required. Can anyone justify asking an overworked physician to go out on time with the insured to patients who are just as likely to go to the appointment? , you might be too quick to say that with this problem you could have even entered the order, so pay thousands of forints now. Specialist law also agrees that anyone requesting a convenience service should pay for it, but it also requires a lot of detail and legislation to be clarified.
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