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I asked for a baby on the M3

I asked for a baby on the M3

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We rarely read about father's birth story. It was so special. How can I tell you today: I have helped my son!


Zoltán Szandai Company (37)
Superhero: Germ Zsufia dietitian
Children: Jzzmin (4)
Balz (3 Hours)

Zhufi, Zoltán, Jzzmin and Balz

Birth is, in my opinion, a miracle, but I am certainly not alone with this idea. Jбzmin I was there during my birth, and I took the cord. She took her mother to wash her, and then I was the first to take her. When we expected it Balбzst, that was the moment that came to my mind, and I thought that just two of them could catch up with me.
The day of birth was 5.10 Zsуfi: "Daddy, it's time!" We gave birth to grandparents, come out of Jazmin, got together, and as we arrived, we started. Since a friend of ours said she was not urgent until the cabbies were regular, I wasn't worried. But it wasn't easy for me to go fast and be careful. I saw Zhuhfin not do it well. After a quarter of a year in the car, Zhufi once said, "These are crazy freaks!" Immediately I called the doctor who said, "I'm going to run the baby." I thought he was kidding, because it's only 10 minutes, and we're going to the church. But no, he told me to call the ambulance. We went downstairs, and in the middle of the road, I called the ambulance, said the dispatcher to send a car. I told her not to hang on, she flashed what would happen if something got complicated and I'm here without help. The dispatcher held the line, voted, I pulled out of the car, I opened the door on the side of Zhufi, stood by, backed the door, and saw my son's head. A few moments later I was able to hold Balzz in my hand. It was an incredible sensation: I was ahead of the sunrise and the trucks were rushing by. And the baby in my hand ... We quickly laid it on Zhufi's belly and wrapped it. And the thought came to my head that yes: I did hold Balzz in my hand first! I closed the door, went back to my seat, and wrapped the fireplace around to keep the little one safe.
Then the rescuers came: one for Zupfi and one for the children's rescue to Balazs. The rescue brought a foul, killed some fouls with some contaminated fluids, and would have finished the cord when I said, "I want this." They just put a little bit into the incubator. It was around this time that the grandparents got there with Jasmine, because they were in the car for the grandmothers. They were terrified when they saw our car and rescued it. I ran across it, and I was born that all right, Jasmine, was born to your brother, Sandal Balzbaz Noel. Jasmine's mouth was full. She is also a very happy big brother! And we ran into Uzokok. The doctor assumed I was pregnant ... But I'm really Zhufi proud. He had a great place to stay, even every day. Down the hat in front of women!
We gave this wonderful adventure a few days after Balzs' birth. You can read the story here, as Zhufi wrote it.