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6 tips to ease your pregnancy

6 tips to ease your pregnancy

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They are sick, stomach ache, vitamin deficiency, swollen feet and so on, how many discomfort symptoms can occur during pregnancy. But you know there is a natural cure for these!

6 tips to ease your pregnancy

With one herb, good nutrition, herbs and fruits, and of course a little care, you can effectively treat many symptoms! Cures should be handled with care, especially during pregnancy. In all cases, seek the advice of our treating physician, as we are not only responsible for ourselves, but also for our growing small lives.


The letter is probably the best known cure for tea in pregnancy, but you should only drink this at the right time! Pregnancy is allowed in the first phase, ie by week 12, because it helps with ovarian adherence, but must be stopped immediately until week 36. Then you can take it again because it can have a fun effect on birth. Black tea leaves have a cleansing effect, which aids in the purification of the intestinal system, and is also an excellent vaporizer. During pregnancy, it is mainly recommended that you drink because it relaxes the pelvic floor muscles and helps you to feel tired.

Those fools got sick

The most common problem during early pregnancy is morning sickness. Sensation of nausea can be reduced with peppermint and chamomile milk, which should be drunk on an empty stomach. Never eat it hot, cook it in time and let it cool! Herbal tea is badly recommended, but due to its pungent nature, many do not taste it. There is also a dried version of the latter, which is worth trying.

Against watering

During the later stages of pregnancy, especially during the third trimester, pregnant women may experience water loss. This is because the body holds back more water, and the growing uterus exerts pressure on the larger cavities of the pelvis, preventing blood from flowing back from the limbs to the abdomen. Be aware, because swelling can be natural to some degree, but in some cases it can indicate that you are pregnant with high blood pressure. In case of sudden swelling of the legs, face, eyelids and hands consult a doctor! Normally, however, there is nothing to do, so it is worthwhile for the baby to rest a lot, and in this case the legs need to be shelved. In addition, you can drink mild diuretics such as elderberries, hawthorn and hawthorn. A small amount of these herbs is sufficient: a teaspoon of tea should be boiled and then filtered after 5 minutes. Warning: Never Drink Drinking Tea In The Evening If You Want To Know About Healthy Living Under Pregnancy, Come Visit The BabaMama Expour On November 17-19-19 .

If your stomach is up

Stomach can also be treated well with teas. Peppermint, cumin and aniseed should be consumed with a slicer. It is also worth trying Salvus water, which also reduces the stomach discomfort.

Natural soothing

Nervousness, anxiety, is a natural part of pregnancy. Lemongrass tea is safe for little ones, it is slightly soothing and fortunately very delicious.

Elegant iron

The biggest problem during pregnancy is iron deficiency. In addition to or instead of pills, but in close consultation with your doctor, it is worth trying dried apricots, which are full of iron, potassium, and last but not least, plenty of vitamin C. Warning, increased iron intake causes constipation, so it is worth eating a lot of flaxseeds to help you balance your digestion! It is recommended to prepare 1-2 teaspoons of linseed in kefir or yogurt.Did you know?During pregnancy, the need for iron, folic acid, and DHA in the baby's mother increases significantly, but adequate vitamin D and calcium intake is also important. The intake of 1000 mg of calcium per day segнti the bones egйszsйges йs teeth fejlхdйsйt the magzatnбl, йs hozzбjбrul йs the megfelelх izommыkцdйshez ingerьlet бtvitelhez the йdesanya szervezetйben.Ha szeretnйl ennйl tцbbet can learn about the egйszsйges йletmуdrуl under babavбrбs time you come to the biggest vбrandуsoknak orszбg szуlу esemйnyйre , on the BabaMama Expour November 17-18-19, and listen to the expert advice on what foods to avoid during the nine months of pregnancy, and learn more about the role of iron and folic fetuses. Remember, maternal health plays a key role in the proper development of new life!