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Discarding Taking Vitamins For Pregnancy?

Discarding Taking Vitamins For Pregnancy?

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This is stopped by a British researcher whose opinion has been picked up by world cheese, but the profession is arguing with him.

Is throwing money out of taking vitamin A?

The exalted nature of life giving should not allow market players, contingents, to take any consideration of baby chicks with views that cannot create optimal conditions for their prospective baby. A newborn child can be autistic even if the mother does not take too much vitamin intake before and during pregnancy. The kiegyensъlyozott йletmуd йs in today believe the best mixed tбplбlkozбs many employed mothers talk like that segнti the organization felkйszьlйsйt by professional vйlemйnyek the fogamzбsra and the importance of vбrandуssбg kйrdхjelezte the fetus, the baby fejlхdйsйhez.Ennek fontossбgбt also йs szoptatбs idхszakбban today a British tudomбnyos kцzlemйny , (Drug Ther. Bull. 2016 Jul, 54, 81-4), who described vitamin and weight loss during pregnancy as unnecessary if women were on a balanced diet. He also warned that pregnant women should be manipulated by their multivitamin distributors. This was the name given to BBC News with the slogan "Pregnant Vitamins = Money Launch", and a number of internationally renowned newspapers have brought down the sensation. " misleading and false information should be corrected immediatelybecause excitement can't be played with scientific minds or business considerations, "he said. Prof. Dr. Хsapay GyцrgyThe nйpszaporulat kйrdйsйvel, meddхsйgi problйmбk elemzйsйvel foglalkozу йs korrigбlбsi lehetхsйgeivel specialist, Doctor of the Hungarian Tudomбnyos Akadйmia. "According bad language azйrt indнtottбk the ьzletemberek the hнrt to its hбrom acquire цsszetevхs terhesvitaminnak tцbb йrvet which valуszнnыleg йrdekeltsйgьk there. The article valуban among the many components of pregnancy vitamins it highlights the three that it needs and wastes the rest of the vitamins. These three ingredients (Vitamin D, Folic Acid and Vitamin C) are all very important, but they also have a great need for more vitamins , the baby and the baby, which removes the micronutrients from the body of the mother, and so in the mother without giving birth, there is a lack of scientific evidence to support the according to her breasts tte also has vitamin K2, an equally important partner in bone formation, "added Dr. Sapay. placebуt. However, this would be highly unethical, according to the expert, as depriving young mothers of physiologically important nutrients. Proven effects of vitamins B2, B6, and Bl2 on developmental abnormalities, and think only of vegetarians, who generally do not get vitamin B12 without consuming meat.Another in their studies, taking vitamins during pregnancy reduced the risk of having a miscarriage by 55%. The use of multivitamin + iron + folic acid reduces the risk of stillbirth, according to a professionally qualified Cochran Institute. well before conception, which can reduce the risk of developing autism in upcoming children of genetically compromised children. He also added that the intake of more than one active ingredient in vitamin supplements can produce deleterious results, even for autism. Family planning, it is also worth preparing for conception the couple are both members. This kйszьlnek the megtermйkenyнtйst йs fogamzбst elхsegнtх nцvйnyi hatуanyagokat, amino acids tartalmazу multivitamins, maternity vitamins that cйlzott hatбsa the fйrfi йs nхi genitбlis bodies optimбlis mыkцdйsйt, increased vйrellбtбsбt, gamete antioxidбns vйdelmйt segнtik.Elsхsorban difficult kialakulу fogamzбsoknбl there is segнtх hatбsuk what Stanford University and Pharmaforte clinical research have confirmed.
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