With the third, I dared to be a boy

With the third, I dared to be a boy

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Old people say that the third child should be born immediately. We read about what dams the smallest ones had released.

With the third, I dared to be a boy

I have three children: I am seventeen, Vanessa is wet, and fourteen months ago the little Balz has been born, and we have all been looking forward to it. When I found out I was wearing it under my heart, I decided to wear it I'll try everythingwhich I left out with my brothers back then. Here I was thinking about the baby-mom gymnast, yoga, or fall. I really liked them all, but I really got the hang of it. Vanessa also loves the water and often misses us. But now big guys, it's hard to get into programs like this, but that's fine. He'd rather drive a lot and play ball with Balazs.
Initially, Balzzs only he made friends with the water, and later it became really exciting. We have experienced, knowledgeable educators who are very open minded and radiant about loving children. However, when he showed me how they could dive underwater together, I was scared.
We put Balaz on Van's back, so that he took his hand and then the dip came. I also fell under the water to watch them. It was a fantastic sight and sensation to see them with their mouth closed under the water. We've been doing a lot since then. In particular, Balzs lives and is a jolly little boy, with his hands on his feet, screaming big, and throwing himself in the bathing water as if he were splashing in the pool. It's incredible that the little ones have no fear. I am convinced that getting to know water is good for my health. Their confidence is also n.
I did not regret having enlightened me and I can only recommend to all moms to be friendly with their baby.
Zsuzsanna Udvardi
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