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This time, we are not presenting our readers with a special method, and there are just a few, easy-to-implement ideas that can help you lose weight while breastfeeding.

Leave sugar out of the diet (honey, sweetener)! Whatever is inedible, let's forget that instead of eating food that provides natural sweet tastes. Such are all ripe fruits and oatmeal.

Lightning fast with lots of greens, no sugar

Also, do not forget about foods and beverages that contain significant amounts of sugar: sweet drinks, sugary fruit juices, cereal bars, fruit juices, puddings, sugars. Instead, rely on our natural thirst and drink water, spring water, fruit juice and fresh orange or lemon juice.
Let's get used to eating the leftovers and packing the pests. We go beyond the usual amount, let's go through it slowly, slowly, and before we take it over, we think it is not just our eyes' wish.
We get eaten seven to eight times a day, always a little, don't wait until we become wolf-hungry. During breastfeeding, we prepare wholesome dips: almonds, almonds, diuts, hazelnuts, cashews, cheese, toasted bread (yeast-free, wholemeal stews).
At least twice a day, live well with raw fruit or salad.
The fatty meats, which have been cut up, are consumed, but instead, thinly sliced ​​meat, cooked in oil and greased with oil, is cooked by varying seasoning.