How can we keep the sandbox clean?

How can we keep the sandbox clean?

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Unfortunately, it is very common that children get sick in the sandboxes. How can this be prevented? How do we clean the sandbox?

The sandbox is loved by all small children, but they often turn to unwanted "merchandise". Many parents, for this reason, are reluctant to let their child into sandboxes and playtops so that the little one does not get infected or sick. However, the following simple steps can do a great deal, at least for the safety of your home's sandpit.

1. Check

Check the sand first! If it's full of beetles, a lot it's easier to throw away the whole thingthan to talk about it. In many places, however, it is not expensive to buy new sand. There are specially designed sands that are worth investing in if you want to keep the little one safe.

2. Preparation

Before we use the sand, the area where we intend to get it must be prepared. At least two days before use thoroughly spray the area with insecticide, which kills any eggs that may have already been laid. When the two days are up, thoroughly clean the area with warm water and dishwasher so that no traces of insecticide remain. Once dry and deceptive, the place has the basics to allow the child to sand in a safe environment.

3. Layering

We use plastic or a fabric designed for this purpose to cover our sandbox. This cover helps prevent insects from entering the sand from below or from the side.

4. Protection

There are insect repellents that do not contain any signs that are harmful to humans. You can buy one at a berry shop, this is used in the sandy neighborhood to keep the entourage away from the area.

5. The sand can come

If we are with these, we can filter the new, clean sand into the foundation.

6. Fahay

Indeed, the secret ingredient is cinnamon: filter a little in the sand and mix with it! Most insects do not like cinnamon, so this also helps keep them away.

7. Cover

When not in use, use tarpaulins or plastic always cover the sandpit, so we can protect it from the cat.

8. Just nothing snacking!

Don't let your child eat in the sandbox. For small crumbs are sure to attract beetles there, especially those that fly.

9. Cleaning

Йrdemes shake it regularly sand so that there are no plant remnants. For example, we should always remove grass and twigs from it. If we perform these operations on a regular basis, then we really do our best to put the child in the sand in the slightest danger. (Via) They may also be interested in:
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