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Therefore, it is a dangerous time to bring your child to a clean room

Therefore, it is a dangerous time to bring your child to a clean room

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Unfortunately, it can cause a lot of infections and urologic problems if you start getting used to room cleanliness too soon.

Don't push the little one

Dr. Steve Hodges According to an American child urologist, at the age of 2 (or before) we should not begin to raise our child to a clean room. Forcing is by no means a good thing, so it is worth waiting for your child to be ready.Ideal dates are 2.5 and 3.5 years, not only because they are so big in the brain, but because their bladder develops to such a level that they are capable of doing things without accident or just being held back.

Hurry hurts the health of the child

"Too early on the bill can not only have negative mental, but also health consequences," he says. dr. Jeffrey Donohoe pediatric urologist. Common case a chronic withholding - since the little ones just mean that they shouldn't have their panties on, but they don't always know that they have to go to the toilet, so we have to keep it. " that's not enough, "says dr. Donohoe. "Withholding for too long can lead to infections in the body, especially in young children. It is healthy for children to go to the toilet twice or six times a day," he adds. day-to-day accidents too. The average age is approx. 15% of them suffer from it. Of course, it can have neurological and anatomical causes, but it is usually due to poor ventilation habits, which can be attributed to the room cleanliness that has begun since then. Most of all, if you teach your child to use daily toiletries, they will eliminate the casualties of the day, "says Dr. Donohoe. And the spiritual aspect there will be plenty of daily splashes guaranteed - frustrated the little one. "Forcing something that your child is not ready for can have a negative impact on his or her development. The biliary tension in the little one, especially if the parents keep on tearing the child for that reason."

The parent is responsible

Room cleanliness is a natural process and occurs in all children up to the age of 4. Therefore, we can rest assured that the child will be self-conscious. And if we're on the sidelines, it's important that we, as parents, oversee the kid's drinking habits. It is important to remember a little about toilet use. Whenever we can, also check your child's food product ("Luckily," the majority of kids forget to cool the toilet) .You, if (sorry for the detail) are softer, humus-like in your condition (water, liquid can mean diarrhea). A berry or thick, light-headed beak indicates constipation. It is also good to teach your child to check for the baby himself and to account for it. (Yes, it sounds disgusting, but this can be important information for your little health.) Most parents hardly expect to have to monitor their child's bathroom activities anymore. What's awesome, but it's better to know that you still have to, until you know for sure that it is important to go to the market and to play regularly (even if you play with your favorite games).Related Articles:
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