Do you need to wash that couple's hair?

Do you need to wash that couple's hair?

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Silky, soft hairs, delicate, velvety scalp: babies come with this standard equipment. Do your best to stay healthy and beautiful!

They are born with surprisingly chubby hair, even as a little bald is born, probably remains on the scalp magzatmбz. When the baby's head and body are rinsed after childbirth, it is good if the fetal livers are not lost, at least not completely. This is perfect leather and hair designs it works in the first day or two: it prevents excessive heat loss and erosion, and protects against surface infections. It is not a good idea to replace it with anything else, as it has just created the nature your baby needs.

Do you need to wash that couple of bells too?

In the days of childbirth

In this case, you definitely do not need hair washing, shampoo. When you bathe or wash your baby in hot water, and even rinse your baby's head, you may need it especially if you have dropped some milk and fallen under your head. After washing, if you wipe your head dry already, you can clean the tiny baths with a soft hair brush.

First half of the year: Space is common

Some babies' scalps appear to be called spaces, which appear to be a skin-like skin problem, but fortunately they are harmless and do not occur because something is broken by the hair. The exact cause is not known, but it is assumed that the maternal hormone effect is enhanced by the sebaceous cells in the scalp.You should consult a doctor only if a moist, inflamed surface develops. Alternatively, thoroughly massage it occasionally kуkuszolajjal or olнvaolajjal, put a little cat on one of the urns, and then carefully peel off the loose deposits with a clean cloth diaper. After that, shampooing may follow, which will remove extra fat. Keep your baby a little on the regular face and let the head fall slightly back.A few drops of good quality baby shampoo well enough: gently rub the scalp with your fingertips, whip it up, then rinse it thoroughly with the help of a pre-made plastic cup. Your baby shampoo kцnnymentes, but be careful not to get it in your eyes as it may scare you.

Hair wash when you can survive

Approaching an annual birthday, it may seem more and more to the outside person as if we were washing the hair with some very rough money, he sighed And he is defensive. Of course, there are kids who love to wash their hair, but the majority wear it badly at this age. Therefore, it does not matter if you have a hair wash when the father can help, and holds, clips, comforts the little one who is supposed to put on this operation in the baby boot.Pay attentionto thoroughly rinse your shampoo residues from your skin. Don't wash it you can multiply your hair several times a week, as this can over-dry your scalp. Even so, the best solution is to back the head while holding it in the baby boot and hold it by the father while you lightly rinse and rinse.

She's two years old

Small Kids Can Help With Hair Wash jpofa trьkk, such as a hair wash ring that prevents the shampoo from falling into the eyes of a child. You can use simple little pre-made tales, with your favorite protagonist or one of the plush ones, and of course hair washing. If you have long hair growth, you may have your first haircut. Long, thin hair is sure to tangle lightly, while shorter hair is easier to handle, faster and easier to wash.


Do not wash your adult hair with shampoo for adults! It can pinch the eyes, the skin, overdo it, and can disrupt the natural appearance of the skin. Also use baby shampoos with blush! If you are hot or in natural waters, you do not have to wash your hair, you may need to rinse thoroughly with warm water.These will also be useful: