"Birth is the most amazing thing I've ever seen"

"Birth is the most amazing thing I've ever seen"

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Nothing prepared my wife's cupcake. Nothing. People had a wonderful birth, but that was the most amazing thing I've ever seen.

This Clint Edwards, a father of three, wrote No Idea What I? m Doing: The Daddy Blog on Facebook. the most amazing thing I've ever been involved in, "Edwards continues. "Birth is the most amazing thing I've ever seen" (photo by lovewhatmatters.com) "I remember my wife Mel, lying naked on the table, and a handful of doctors and a woman after a cupping. it was like a lowered balloon. a nurse examined Mel. I looked at the surgical scar and felt it was never going to heal and push another man out of me. , he was a more committed man than anyone in the world. "
Edwards also says that all three of her children were born with cesarean section. "I know we talk a lot about having too high a cesarean section, but I wouldn't go into that right now. Mel's horror, much bigger than any of my scars and even if I find myself as well, because my wife's mighty scar is evidence that she would do anything to bring forth our children. Every time I see a scar, I am filled with admiration for the mother of my children. "(via)Related articles in Cupping:
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