8 things about emotional violence

8 things about emotional violence

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Shannon Thomas Psychology Psychologist Healing from Hidden Abuse: The Journey Through the Stages of Recovery from Psychological Abuse presents eight aspects of worship.

Many do not even know they are victims of emotional violence

1. The corpse

Once upstairs, once downstairs, in such a relationship the victim will never know exactly how difficult he is with others.

2. The perfect image

The main problem is that the overwhelming majority of punishers are superficial people, many people love it, but at least one person completely lives up to it. Nobody really believes in this one.

3. A drop in the sea

Victims almost always find a way to free the perpetrator and other cases they refer to when something happens to them on a daily basis. Each punishment is just a drop in the sea, according to which there is no significance to each case.

4. You have to have trouble

The laity have already heard of the cyclical nature of punishment, and it is precisely because no punishment is constantly punished by the fact that there is peace and love, which is what the literature calls honeymoon.

5. After a while there is no free will

At one point, the person of the punished person falls into pieces, and you are no longer able to figure out what happens to him. You can't get out of here alone, you need help, but you don't know how much trouble you're in between.

6. Montage also helps with healing.

The practitioner discovered that art therapy is a very effective tool for the punished: well, when they make a montage of their world, their children, their minds.

7. Do you bane to someone the same way?

It is important that the victim thinks about how well we have become in this whole state of being able to do similar things with another.

8. What is missing?

The greatest sacrifice is what you have received from the Socialist Tribunal in the bleak times. The lack of it must be treated in the same way as anything else.


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