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Of course, the deceiver! (X)

Of course, the deceiver! (X)

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I've never used a washing machine before - until now. Of course I heard roula, but I didn't understand why it would be better than a sensitive skin detergent.

Then I read and heard more and more about the benefits of natural ingredients, and I decided to try it because I've always found it important to live in an environmentally conscious way!There's a little girl, Emma. No, not my baby, but his story could be my baby too. Emma's skin is very sensitive, just like my baby's. They would do anything to protect their wonderful skin, and Emma's parents thought so too. On the recommendation of their pediatrician, they have tried the laundry, a natural detergent that they have used for centuries. They're worth it, because their little one's skin has gone red for a few weeks. The parents felt that every little "Emma" deserves to protect her little skin from chemicals. She was born with a 3-year-old, and a 4500kg of dress-like fruit on the Herbow wash ball.I saw the Herbow laundry ball a few months ago with a friend. She was just putting her clothes in the washing machine when I got there. Then he put in the laundry ball. I really liked it. So far I figured I'd have to filter some slides into the washing machine, so they would somehow mix and wash, but I had no idea how it worked. And my friend lighted me up. First he told me that Laundry is the product of a subtropical tree (Sapindus Mukorossi) that has been used for washing and cleaning in Southeastern India for centuries. It is also found that the skin contains a natural surfactant (Saponin). It dissolves a lot of soap plants in water and binds dirt and grease. BUT, SO WAS WAS WRONG! ”She then told Emma that it was thanks to her that this family knows more than a plain laundry. In fact, the washballs also have sponge cubes that enhance the saponin foaming, while the washbasins in it are treated with a natural microorganism culture that also contains a chamomile scent, eliminating the distinctive sour smell of the great. And very practical, you just have to put it in the washing machine drum like a washing capsule, I love it! And with a ball I can wash it twice, and I can compost a product that is not suitable for washing. It is important to know that it is not recommended or recommended for normally soiled, colored clothes. In such cases, you need to use white and stain remover, which is also included in the supply.

I became interested in what the washballs can do?

  • The skin is weak, so baby clothes are perfect for washing
  • Container free and chemical free
  • Vegan products
  • TЬV tested it
  • Practical use with memorial tape
  • Leather and environment friendly
  • Does not fade colors
  • It does not disrupt texting
 In a really short time, I became a fan of Herbow products. Because of the wash ball, I followed other products as well. I like to fokozhatу the mosбs smell because csodбs illatъ mosуparfьmцk kцzьl also vбlaszthatok that not only illatosнtanak but contain nцvйnyi eredetы textile kondicionбlу йs lбgyнtу material which hasznбlt synthetic cationic surfactants kцrnyezetbarбt йs egйszsйges alternatнvбi.Vannak a ruhбim, aminйl I prefer the chemical цblнtхkben the liquid detergent, fortunately the choice is very large. They have a unique, cool, cold process and are excellent at low temperatures. White, black and colored clothes are also available.It's wonderful to be able to protect my family's skin and our environment at the same time, and I don't have to spend more time washing than ever before, and the result speaks for itself.The skin of my "Emblem" is not even red, and the rest of the family enjoys the fun effect of natural ingredients. More information: