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Kid Fighted - How Do I Reduce Symptoms?

Kid Fighted - How Do I Reduce Symptoms?

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The little ones will never be as sick as they are in their first few years of life. But as long as our immune systems are strengthened, what can we, as parents, do to prevent and, once the problem has stopped, alleviate the symptoms.

Kid Fighted - How Do I Reduce Symptoms?

How do you catch it?

More than 100 different viruses are present and up to 90 more can produce cold symptoms. This is enough to prevent toddlers with an immature immune system to cope with all of them. These viruses spread by drip infection, so when a sick person is sick or coughing, they are scattered in the air. They'll settle down on the playground, or even on the dining table. When the baby touches the infected objects and then takes his hand in his mouth (which he does quite often during this period), he's in trouble. Of course, most of the time, the little ones in the womb or the ovi get unwanted viruses, or maybe get it from a bigger brother, which unfortunately - in our best efforts - it is almost impossible to escape.

What are your symptoms?

In the child, the symptoms start to appear after 1-3 days after being infected. These may include: - Clogged nose
- runny nose (first changing, then turning yellow or green)
- Fever
- Coughing
- Neatness
- fradradon
- shrunk
- sleep problems
- Fuck
- vomiting, diarrheaNormally within 7-10 days at the latest these symptoms should stop.

What should we do?

Usually, no special treatment is needed, as the cold is self-limiting on a few days. No need for antibioticssince it only kills bacteria as it is caused by the fungal virus. Various medications available in the pharmacy are better off if they are not very effective in children under 6, but they can have a lot of breasts. For example, in the United States, the Food and Drug Administration does not recommend the use of these under the age of 4 years. Always read carefully the description accompanying the medication to ensure that the correct amount is given to your child. , which is greatly increased by the active ingredient in aspirin.But what can we do next? It is best to leave a little extra to restand the following natural methods are used to alleviate the discomfort:Let's get more liquid for the little one!If you are still breastfeeding, you may breast-feed your baby more often than usual. If the little one is 6 months old, we can help her with a little water. THE increased fluid intake helps to cleanse viruses faster, prevents dehydration, and keeps the baby's mouth and nasal passages hydrated.Use seawater nasal spray and nasal spray!Probably no one needs to be introduced to the nose-to-nose, which moms love. Until a child can get his nose out, it's the most rewarding thing in the world it can avoid different events (ear, face, and pneumonia), and your baby may be lifted up. However, it is worthwhile to lighten the skin slightly before use. After a few minutes of waiting, you can start the vacuum cleaner. First place the nose-head in one nose and then the other nose, pointing slightly inwards and downwards. We use it several times a day. Come on!Cold humidity increases the humidity of the air in your home, so it keeps your baby's nasal passages moist. After each use, clean the knives, because if they are found in mushrooms and bugs, it will cost more than we use.

How do we get hungry?

Unfortunately, it cannot be completely avoided, but we may reduce the chance of developing it by following the suggestions below: - Do not accept patient visits
- Don't get into the crowd, especially during the flu season
- Wash your hands often. If someone else wants to grab the baby, they should also wash their hands thoroughly before
- Clean your baby's toys often - soapy warm water is perfect
- Nobody else's use your baby's glasses, supplies, trunks, and treats
- Teach older kids to bring them in handkerchiefs
- Don't let anyone smoke your child's cigarette. Cigarettes weaken the immune system, making the baby more likely to catch anything.

When to see a doctor?

If you really only have one hot tub and your child is 3 months old, you don't need to call your doctor right away. However, if your baby is less than 3 months old, it is best to visit her as soon as she has symptoms, especially if she has fever. For some, seemingly nothing can indicate a much more serious illness, such as pneumonia or inflammation. We can rest assured if we can exclude these during a medical examination. It does not matter how old our child is, if any of the following symptoms we call the doctor immediately: -3 month old baby over 38 degrees, 6 months old 39 degrees above
- Breathing difficulties
- the baby does not want to eat or drink at all
- signs of dryness (dry mouth or less piss diapers than usual)
- Unusual Underweight Seek medical attention even if the child's symptoms do not improve for a week or more, or if they continue to worsen.