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After a natural birth cup?

After a natural birth cup?

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There are many mommy mothers who want to bring their baby through the wild for the second time. This is understandable, since small children often lack the "true" birthmark. You are asked whether this request can be safely fulfilled.

Physicians' activities, and thus the delivery of childbirth, are increasingly characterized by a protective attitude. Nowadays, it is almost a common practice to terminate the following pregnancy after a previous cesarean section, which is the reason why the number of cesarean sections is over 30 percent. However, the situation is much more subtle in the currency. It does not matter what the reason for the previous cesarean section is, nor does it matter the technique or the direction of the incision.
According to professional guidelines, if the uterus has undergone a horizontal incision in the past, and the thickness of the scar is calmed down by ultrasound, there is no obstacle to natural birth. Of course, if the expectant mother fully accepts and requests it. On farms where this is the case, after a previous cesarean section, up to 60-70% of pregnant women can succeed in having a natural birth. These metrics can be even higher with due diligence, consideration and patience!
That's it!
The greatest fear is the cervical post-mortem. This can most often occur during the previous surgery on the mountain, during surgery, in the postpartum period, and rarely after birth. In fact, only one to two cases of this event can be counted. The weld tissue can also be ultrasound checked at birth 37 weeks later. According to some studies, if the weld angle is 2.3 millimeters thinner, the risk of welding is increased. However, in practice, for scars with a thickness of 5 millimeters or less, it is not advisable to perform vaginal birth.
Key: patience and experience!
When the conditions are right, the role of the parent is to weigh the risks. You need to create the conditions for the right birth control, manage the challenges with enough patience and experience so that a successful vaginal delivery can be attained. Many times you are asked when to have another baby after the previous cupping. The experience is that it is optimal to have a little brother after two years, but one year at a minimum.
There are also significant benefits to vaginal delivery over cesarean delivery if the risk of surgery is neglected. Following the surgery, for example, 12 ounces of bed are suggested, and this is not necessary in the case of natural birth. After childbirth, your mother can expect less pain and a faster recovery. You do not need to receive an injection to prevent thrombosis, you will get milk sooner, and the wound will not make breastfeeding difficult in different postures.
If the conditions are right, you don't have the privilege to say "once in a cup - always in a cup".
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