Serious miscarriage can also be caused by bad sperm

Serious miscarriage can also be caused by bad sperm

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In many cases, larger-scale DNA damage to male sperm can cause women to multiply miscarriages - British researchers have found in a smaller study.

Imperial College London has tested the quality of 50 male sperms partnered with three or more disgustingly fell one after another. Clinical Chemistry tudomбnyos folyуiratban felfedtйk kцzzйtett tanulmбnyukban that the larger coated vizsgбlatba spermбjбban volumenы DNA kбrosodбst йszleltek fйrfiakhoz kйpest those who have not suffered partner remйli vetйlйst.A kutatуcsoport to open up the paths felfedezйsьk New Account vetйlйs kockбzatбnak csцkkentйsйben - olvashatу the Medicalxpress orvostudomбnyi hнrportбlon . In the United Kingdom, one in every 50 pairs is a multiple abortion, which means a loss of fetus to three or more before the 20th week of pregnancy. So far, professionals have decided that Multiple Miscarriages About Maternal Health - Immune Problems, Inflammation - About. Doctors are now beginning to understand that semen quality also plays a role. "Traditionally, doctors have focused on women when researching the causes of multiple birth miscarriage. No one has examined the health of men, their sperm", he quoted. Channa Jayasenбt, researcher at Imperial Medicine, the leading author of the study on the subject. " which is vital to the fetus's supply of oxygen and nutrients, "he added.Serious miscarriage can also be caused by bad spermThe results of a 50 male sperm test were compared with the quality of 60 male sperm whose partner did not fall by mistake. In the sperm of female partners who had multiple miscarriages, DNA damage was double that of the control group. Researchers say a DNA damage can be caused by so-called oxidative stress. Oxidative stress in the cells of the body means a bad change in the pathways of the free radicals. Cells in the semen generate molecules from sperm bacteria and inflammation. If the molecules are present in excessively high concentrations, it can cause significant damage to the cells in the sperm. The results of the study revealed that oxidative stress levels multiplied in spermatozoa of female partners with multiple abortions to the control group. The research team is now examining what can select this. "Although none of the men enrolled in the study suffered from infections, such as chlamydia, which is known to affect the health of sperm, it is possible that fetuses remain at a higher level than previous infections. stress, "he explained JayasenaHe added that there is increasing evidence that obesity impairs sperm healthsince the high levels of body fat can increase oxidative stress. Therefore, the research team examined the metabolic health of 50 men, measuring their weight and their cholesterol levels. The 50 males tested were slightly older than the control group - 37 years on average, compared with the last 30 years, and slightly overweight. Let us now examine whether these factors may play a role in the level of oxidative stress.


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