We won't do good to the kid if we let him win

We won't do good to the kid if we let him win

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Many parents like to leave their children behind in social games because they think it will do them good because it will increase their confidence. However, according to experts, this is not the case at all, in fact, this behavior has been particularly harmful to our baby.

We won't do good to the kid if we let him win

Professor of Psychology at Amherst College, Carrie Palmquist and a former student at the university, Ashleigh Rutherford In a series of experiments, children 4-5 years old were asked to participate in a game of finding a hidden object. While two initiate adults offered to help them in their search, one gave them some help, but the other one provided them with inaccurate information. unexpected, that is, those who were helped by the adults who helped out, they found the subject more easily than the ones who had been helped by the supernatural adults. and their answers revealed that the participants in the manipulated games really mattered, he explained, all of which implies that the kids who were very successful at the games ignored the fact that they were really into the benefits and not what it comes from in the real life they will not even care about where useful information comes from.. That is, if the parent always leaves the child to win, the child will soon be neglected for important things that can help him or her in the world of orientation, as learning how to succeed is not important at all.


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