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6-9 Month Baby Development - Exercises to Help with Smart Development

6-9 Month Baby Development - Exercises to Help with Smart Development

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Enhance your baby's movement playfully! The following simple and entertaining exercises help the physical development of the 6-9 month old baby.

Spend a lot of time on the floor has compiled some helpful tips that will play a role in helping your 6-9 month old baby develop. Try the exercises, too!

Get up! (meaning more down)

Sit down with your baby on the floor, play and talk! Tell him everything about the toys, the colors, their shape, and what they are for. Roll the ball over to him and show him how he can roll it back to you.

Get your baby!

Lie down on the ground and let your baby sleep on or across you. Be your support, hold on to it, try to lift it.

Exercise together!

Try out baby-mom yoga. You can go to a local club for a baby-mom gymnastics, but there are countless practices on the net that you can try out at home.

It's time for the molds

Of course you'll still need help figuring out which format to throw into, but it's time to try this great developer game. Akбr you can also make a handheld game yourself: Cut a circular hole on the top of an empty wet wipe box and let it drop into the lid of the transfer bottle. Once done, open the box and start over.

Bring games to the ground!

If your baby is capable of milking already, put the ground toys in front of him / her that he / she needs to save.

Let it noise!

Give him some simple utensils, pots, pans, wooden spoons or baby instruments to make noise with. Every baby loves hitting kitchen utensils with wooden spoons. They like to make noise and in the middle learn the causal relationships too.These will also be useful: