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Is it normal to play pointing at the door? Vekerdy ​​answers

Is it normal to play pointing at the door? Vekerdy ​​answers

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Many parents flip out the fuse when the other one's inquiries come into the door - muttering, even grabbing. What do you think of Vekerdy ​​Tamбs?

Is it normal to play pointing at the door? Vekerdy ​​answers

"We have two couples in the nursery, and the parents have lost the opportunity to have a baby, a five-year-old baby, The parents of the baby required that the boy be immediately expelled from school for spoiling the children; that this is ridiculous, let the kids be sad. Someone who loved the other cute cute lady she didn't care for. they should be allowed to leave, fall under the table, go to the toilet together, etc. One of them took the After all, the boys can only go to the toilet together, in the form of a nanny or an owl, and the girls, too, and cannot spend time there, must be done quickly, as one of the parents complained. There was also someone who labeled the behavior of children as impolite, immoral behavior.How do you see this? Who is right? Do you really need such wet measures? According to our favorite owvou, this is a frustrating thing, you shouldn't make it, at this age such things happen. I have to admit, I agree with him, and I even remember my own kindergarten when something like that happened to us. Maybe not? Or just completely forgotten? What do you think about that? Do you need to take drab action? To your brother? "

Tamás Vekerdy ​​child psychologist's answer:

Of course, there is no need for a soda. It should be common knowledge, or at least, that Four and a half year olds go through one of their childhood erotic periods. There are times when little boys embarrass their parents by catching their buttocks on their buttocks, sleeping, caressing him or her, or even saying, "but hey, he is," kid, sex toy! You have no roula. We wanted to grow up with such children, they became very solid, gentle, noble and well-behaved young people. high schoolers "laugh at each other" - often without sexual intercourse -, it is completely natural. Toddlers and toddlers fall into the bush, fall under the table, or even into the closet, or literally stare at each other in the sink, "Shut off your panties", "Shall I show my cookie?" - And other dialogues can happen. It is also true that lately, it has been more and more common to see that, unfortunately, these normal phenomena have been somewhat rude. We hear about a group of boys taking a chosen baby, shoving their panties, groping, raping violence that is intolerable. But in this particular case, little kids have such an erotic eraand it is absolutely unnecessary to expose such events, to give her weight and to raise her awareness. But in this case, it is not the children who have to be regulated, but the parents. Perhaps not for the owls, but for the professionals, the psychologist. There is no need for exams and decisions in such cases, and kids are on the go when they need to, and don't have to expedite them to do it quickly. This kind of schooling behavior is not intolerable, not "obscene." Of course, someone who has been punished for this has buried himself, "forgot", and still creates a tension in his "unlearned" memory, which can be manifested in such excited, wild demands and looks. scramble to get underneath the lowered table, into the bucket, into the cabin, or even into the bushes and cabinet. Believe me, they don't always play like that, but if that happens, it's natural at this age. Article Source: Tamás Vekerdy: Small Kids - School. kцnyve.
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