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Hidden camera footage: Don't give your baby a place

Hidden camera footage: Don't give your baby a place

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Many people, old people and pregnant women alike, have the experience of not being too accommodating when it comes to luggage storage. Hidden camera footage proves the worry.

Hidden camera footage: Don't give your baby a place

Of course, unrepresentative of the TV2 recording, though there are many who are very similar to those in the public transport if they were in a living situation that would cost them a fortune. en we can watch the video made by TV2: a crazy woman on a public transport in Budapest with a hidden camera. The video shows a young man who looks almost like a wolf in the belly of a pregnant mother, but does not give her place. However, when Anita politely asks if she can sit down, she is up for grabs and asks for an apology - lesson is probably we dare to ask, to give birth when everyone is staring at their smart phone: other indifferent passengers can be surprisingly hungry if we are not waiting, but are asking for space in the crowd.


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