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Surprised photos: these are the dolls in the tummy

Surprised photos: these are the dolls in the tummy

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It is an unforgettable experience to see our baby's face first, especially so that we could only imagine what the future would look like. However, special photos from a Brazilian photographer give you a glimpse into the tummy!

However, thanks to state-of-the-art techniques, ultrasound images can provide extraordinary images of the baby to be born, since it is difficult to imagine what the fetus really is. Janaina Oliveira however, brazilian photographers could take special pictures of two little boys and a little girl, Noah-rуl, Matiasrúl and Lauraból, which can help you get a little "in the tummy." The babies were born in envelopes, so they were highlighted in a cupping section so that the fetal envelope protecting them remained completely unharmed.What are the babies in the tummy? The three babies were born inside the Praia da Costa Hospital, Vila Velha, Brazil, and Oliveira was able to carry all of the babies with her camera. Birth in the sheath is extremely rare, with 1 in 80,000 cases occurring, and it is even rarer for a newborn to be completely covered by the fetal envelope (it is slightly more common to have a fetus on the head, face or upper body only) . Born birth in many parts of the world was considered to be a sign of luck, and so newborns born in the world were specially proclaimed. According to the records, there were some born in the shell Great Kroly, Napуleon йs Sigmund Freud as well. (via)You may also be interested in:
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