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Feedback: Be careful with the roots!

Feedback: Be careful with the roots!

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Many people do not know that chemicals can accumulate nitrate. Therefore, it is preferable not to give babies under the age of eight months or to take appropriate precautions.

Careful with the job!

In 2015, the cheese was loud in the face of a nitrate-poisoning case, when a baby was aiming for a life-threatening death from potato purée. The mother, however, deliberately, with the quality in mind, bought the green on the market. With potentially nitrate-rich greens, it is really worth being careful. Let's see how nitrate can cause trouble.

Dangers of nitrate

Nitrate can be trapped in the green areas and the chemical spill may accumulate in some areas. Why is high levels of nitrate dangerous? Because nitrate is converted into nitrite in bacteria in the body (stomach), it is then bound to blood dyes (hemoglobin) in the blood. As a result, your baby's blood will not be able to absorb, transport, and Cheers, the methaemoglobinemia. (The name derives from the fact that the baby's skin becomes a bluish purple.) If immediate medical intervention is not terminated, the fish will suffer from a choking fish. (Due to poor storage, nitrate is converted to nitrite, and when cooked, the nitrate is destroyed during storage. the target, the yellow scar, or the spleen. The borderline at 8 months is because the smallest amount still lacks the nitrate-degrading enzyme. The correct level of enzymes in children is only about 3 years old. Conductive drinking water or baby water naturally contains nitrate only within the permitted limits.Most well-known nitrate storage plants in Hungary:
sуska.The above greens are extremely healthy, so it would be a shame to completely eliminate them from the diet. Let's be very careful: buy organic greens that don't contain a dangerous dose of nitrate. Here are some super recipes for pizzas: Baby RecipesRelated materials:
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