Even a small tummy tuck may indicate insulin resistance

Even a small tummy tuck may indicate insulin resistance

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Many are unaware that seemingly thinner can cope with the accumulation of visceral viscera surrounding their organs, which can lead to the development of diseases such as insulin resistance. Pregnancy depression may also indicate insulin resistance.

Even a small tummy tuck may indicate insulin resistance

The tympanum dr. Koppbny Victor, a BUD Endocrine Center PCOS and insulin resistance specialist.

Just a little tummy…

Many live in the age-old notion that those who are leaner, or perhaps just a little tummy, do not have to diet or exercise because they do not have a significant amount of fat. Yes, but it is worth noting that the hair can not only be deposited under the skin, as the around our internal organs can accumulate.This is called visceral or visceral gen. Of course, this also has its own significance, as its function is to protect the organs from physical influence. However, the "sheath" is only useful for the organs as long as it is not too thick, since it is already very damaging to health. Generally speaking, a female abdominal volume of 80 cm or 90 cm indicates a problem, but the exact measurement of visceral fat can be determined using special instruments.

It can also lead to insulin resistance and depression

Not only does the build-up of retracial fats damage the general public, they also react to hormonal changes in addition to producing hormones. And that means they are capable to inflammation those organs that are overwhelmed, says Dr. Viktor Koppany, a PCOS and insulin resistance specialist at the Endocrine Center in Buda, who has been awarded the BUD Endocrine Center such as stroke, heart attack, cancer, or type 2 diabetes.Some research has also shown that recurrent they also produce stress hormone, which can also be responsible for the development of depression. In fact, cortisol blocks the production of endorphin, the hormone for happiness.Dr. Viktoria Koppány said that the visceral fat plays an important role in the development of IR in the present day, because in this case the empty fat cells are saturated with triglycerides, which means that the smaller - and, naturally, bigger - stumps due to fat can indicate insulin resistance, especially if the following symptoms are associated with it: - menstrual disorders
- Pregnancy difficulties
- in areas with increased hair density in males
- genital, acne-prone skin

What can we do?

The IR kezelйsйben plays an important role in szemйlyre made diйta, mozgбsprogram йs szьksйg esetйn gyуgyszeres kezelйs.A viszcelбris zsнrok visszaszorнtбsбra aerobic mozgбsformбk very hatйkonyak, бm tнpusuk, intenzitбsuk fьgg tцbbek kцzцtt the бltalбnos egйszsйgьgyi бllapottуl the edzettsйgi szinttхl, йs termйszetesen the elhнzбs also mйrtйkйtхl . That's why it's important to take part in your fitness routine before you start training, where you can get clear about your important parameters, including visceral fat, muscle / fat, circulatory system. aerobic exercise however, one should not forget isomeric exercise training not only because, in addition to lowering insulin and glucose levels, it improves metabolism, and its positive effects are maintained for up to 72 pounds after exercise. Németh Vivienis an exercise therapist at the Endocrine Center of Buda. It is worthwhile - especially in the beginning - to turn to a personal trainer who sets up a personalized exercise program, taking into account his / her physical and health status. Not only does overeating, in addition to discouraging athletic life, have a negative impact on business, the heart and the entire circulatory system. And if the intensity is too low, or if you are not choosing the movement that suits your individual circumstances, you will have to wait for the result for a long time.Related articles in Insulin Resistance: