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What Can Be Behind In The Background Of Hyperactivity?

What Can Be Behind In The Background Of Hyperactivity?

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Many people consider hyperactivity in many ways, which can be very stressful for the child's environment.

What Can Be Behind In The Background Of Hyperactivity?

ADHD, or hyperkinetic attention deficit disorder there are numerous teurias, but based on research,z Spraying close to 70% can be observed. Environmental hazards the mother's smoking and alcohol consumption also have an effect on the disorder.There are so many little boys And her family suffers from symptoms like a little girl, experience shows that they tend to be more attention-deprived, while boys tend to be more impulsive, hyperactive. Behavioral disorders not only pose a serious mental burden to the family, but children also suffer from the constant negative feedback from the environment. It is for the professionals of the Versys Clinics Human Reproductive Institute, Dr. Sli Бgota psychiatrist, psychotherapist and pediatrician, as well as Sweat by Vera psychological help.Symptoms of ADHD Apply before age 5. Many times, mothers are characterized by their pregnancy as "the baby has never rested in my stomach, constantly boxing, snapping." The later symptoms are also characterized by an increased need for movement, restlessness, sleep disturbances in infants, difficulty in comforting babies, crying, sleeping a lot, and causing countless sleepless nights. At the age of 2-3, the environment will experience that a child can not be left alone for a minute, because he is moving everything, it creates dangerous situations on its own, in addition to not eating and not sleeping enough.At the age of education, hyperactivity persists, but also with integration problems, often due to aggressive actions in the periphery. Shorter than the school examinations a concentration and disruption of performance it seems alive. Usually in the first year of school the diagnosis is made because the children are unable to attend the work in the UR, they yell, jump, disturb the others at work. They retained. School eligibility is poor, often due to negative idiocy, and can target deviant groups and, in severe cases, may develop anti-social behavior in adulthood. social integration disorders The impulsive, hyperactive group of symptoms includes excited, permanently inactive children who cannot be stopped for a minute. Their hands and feet are constantly coming up, they are up, unable to survive for 45 minutes. They speak into other sentences, yell at the teacher in the city. Often constantly beszйlnek not be leбllнtani хket with ezйrt csalбdjuk tбrsaik йs pedagуgusaik is difficult tolerбlhatjбk viselkedйsьket "Sъlyos case gyуgyszeres kezelйs vбlhat szьksйgessй, but бltalбban pszicholуgus йs gyуgypedagуgus цsszehangolt munkбja also jelentхsen mйrsйkelheti the tьneteket." - states the child's therapist szakember.A viselkedйszavarok in a number of groups, including pediatric patients undergoing IVF (in vitro fertilization, flask) treatment. According to Higi Vera, the results of research on the relationship between IVF treatment and behavioral disorders are contradictory, so further studies are needed. "Behavioral disorders are prevented it is important to keep the frames, for example, to provide a normal biorhythm during infancy and later. Research has shown that parents with many years of childbirth may find it harder to reach the limit for children. This is understandable in some respects, as many people have wanted so long to be parents that they may still try to give everything to their children and find it hard to say no to them. to buy a child a concept unknown to natural-born couples, "says Hera Vera, psychologist.
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