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Wonderful almonds?

Wonderful almonds?

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Is the little one sick a lot? Get the almonds out! That's why it's not that simple ... Before you decide on surgery, get to know the currency risks and the ways to prevent them from the homeopathic side-to-nose perspective!

Wonderful almonds?

Let's say routine - but with a big scandal, every year, little kids die of their events. Almost every throat-like child has been removed from almonds - the number of surgeries is decreasing. We parents, of course, would like to see such drastic interventions never again. However, we also expect the doctor to make sure that the little one does not suffer. Deadlock - or is there a solution?

Not a superfluous organ!

Many doctors remove almonds as lightly as removing a single person. It's like malignant growth, a superfluous organ that is more harmful than beneficial to the body. in turn plays a very important role in the maintenance of health and in the perfect functioning of the immune system. The pharynx is surrounded by lymphatic vessels, including almonds. It is the gateway of the throat that helps to fight infections. When it swells, it just means that it works well: the defense cells become unstable due to blood cancer, so the organ itself becomes larger. If the child receives antibiotics, the protection stops and the almonds remain large. Newer and more infections and drugs will alleviate the swollen state of the almond and suppress the body's natural defenses.
Parents expect almonds to go from being sick to a tap. There are times when this happens, but in many cases the operation fails, the disease recurs, just not the tonsil fires at this time, but the infection passes through the lower passages. The little patient will have tonsillitis, catarrh, or stubborn coughing, which will also cause longer healing.

Are you sure you need to take it out?

Five years after tonsillitis, especially when the disease returns in the summer, the phrase "this huge almond must be removed!" According to our specialist, Dr. Julianna Gellér, a fistula, phonograph, and homeopathic physician, the size of the almonds alone should not be a cause of surgery, unless it causes some kind of cerebral palsy in the child. Even so, it is worthwhile first to find out what has become of the almond patient and what keeps the body inflamed.
- I once had a patient who had huge tonsils. In time of illness, she breathed in, breathlessly, and her hearing was getting worse, the doctor remembers. - Many times, in a similar situation, there was some alternative treatment, but in this case, too, I opted for surgery. But the mother did not agree. He was very afraid of the hospital, the anesthetic, so he had to look for another way. With great patience, homeopathy and a diet that required allergy, he managed to solve the problem. Finally, it seemed almost unbelievable, but the almonds had shrunk to normal size. The baby boy is not sick anymore, but if he gets cold, his tonsils will not grow big enough to cause trouble.

Not dangerous!

- It is a great apology to believe that tonsillectomy is a harmless routine intervention The doctor firmly says. - You shouldn't underestimate the almonds. They sleep, they put a tube in the child's throat. All this comes with little risk.
Regularly, for four or five days, the children were kept in the hospital for observation, and now, after just over twenty hours, everyone is being repatriated. So close observation rests on the parent. Some people think that the almond is included in the scope of "one-day surgery". However, I think we should think more critically about these fatal cases. You should be aware that in case of post-mortem you will need specialist medical attention and medical history! Even a well-trained pediatrician cannot treat bleeding, as it is very difficult to approach and treat a throat.

Time is needed!

Doctors are not in a precarious position, as parents insist that they come up with a quick solution, because they cannot constantly get lost in the workplace. However, it is not possible to control the period of liberation. Whether due to illness or staying home for weeks after surgery, the child needs constant supervision: not the eighteen-year-old poorly-behaved dude, not the neighbour's, but the maternal attention he receives.
- If your child has recurrent tonsillitis, you should also think about what is causing the problem. Throat disorders generally indicate that there is an untreated problem in the patient's life that he or she does not want to talk about, even though he or she would like to. - Typically, those with lymphatic system disease and almonds are included to suppress and conceal their problems. If you manage to release the tension inside you, you will heal faster, and you may not need it.

What do I need to pay attention to after surgery?

- Occasionally ask the kid to spit on, but not to the point! If the colors are pink or bloody, immediately go back to the church!
- Make sure you have one liter of fluid a day! If your child does not dare to swallow or drink, he can dry out! It heals more slowly, and if you have a bleeding wound, you can bleed without any reserves! If you can't get him to drink, take him back to the hospital!
- You can give him a leggings, you can rub his neck with cold, wet clothes, if he likes it. All of this can reduce your blood pressure.
- Just no jumping, jerky, paddling in warm water! These should definitely be kept away for a few days, even if you have a good time! Let the sun be full of storytelling, drawing, resting, lying down.
- Return to baby beans or cream soups. From these, the patient can take all the nutrients that are needed for healing. But if you refuse food for a few days, you don't have to worry about it, and during the toasting period, it's completely normal. If you drink enough, you don't have to force the cook.

But why is his throat red?

Permanent throat inflammation, especially if you do not go with a fever, suggests that it is not the viruses who are responsible, but the environment!
- In many homes, the air dries because of the warmth, and the child breathes in the mouth during the night and sleep. Her mouth, throat and redness will dry out.
- If the parents smoke beside the child, not only their lungs, but also the lining of the mouth and throat will be as red as a smoker.
- If you keep your gymnastics outdoors in wet, cold weather, your panting child will breathe in your mouth and your throat will dry out and become red.
- If you wake the child out of bed in wilderness, kindergarten, you can smell the smog in the wind. This is generally unhealthy and can cause the child's throat to catch fire when he tries to filter out harmful substances.
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