If you sing to him, he'll be smarter

If you sing to him, he'll be smarter

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You can hear a lot about the power of music, the power of singing. But what can a mother who can't sing?

Sing to her from birth

The baby you can hear it in the tummy, recognize their mother and the sounds of the environment, store them in memory. Familiar voices give birth to safety after birth. During the development of fetal hearing, three thousandths of all babies are born before the development of the auditory organ, When the baby still does not understand the content of the speech, he interprets the melody, tone, voice. You know exactly when you're upset, tired, impatient! Singing relationship effect. From the voice to the rhythm of the speech, it is particularly suited to expressing love. You can do anything for the baby, for him the most comforting, sweetest, because it gets you. If you go to a baby-mom music class, you get a lot of encouragement to sing, you remember old children's songs, you learn new songs. you will come to sing. You can get closer to the music right now with your baby. With a few sayings and songs, you can avoid a lot of clutter. The baby will be more cooperative with the diaper, the bath, the dress. The complex developmental power of songs, sayings, and touches has also been proven by science - it would be a miss to your life and music to non-singing moms as well. Hegedыsnй Tуth Zsuzsanna, head of the Bubbit Music Hall, music and educational teacher, instructor at the ELTE Teaching and Teaching College.Also read these:
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