Overcoming Obesity by Learning!

Overcoming Obesity by Learning!

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For a long time, I thought that during a long stay, the brain of a man (or of a mother in particular) would collapse. Because what's safe and predictable for a baby is the screaming monotony for a woman.

There is only one ring: New impulses! This is something that every little baby is offered by Sanoma Media Academy. I know what I'm talking about, since I've been doing shifts for two years. That's why I was trying to get a third child for him.

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Of course, the order did not change, the baby is the first, but today I also take into account that I am the second. So be a breastfeeding, rocking, hуc-hуc soldier, but also a challenge in life, talking to adults, professional success. I got a great opportunity from my company: I can teach from October.
Opportunity doesn't mean much to me. For anyone looking for a new job, they are probably considering a career change, or are curious about the world of media. The editorial course at Sanoma Media Media School is unique in its kind. It trains practitioners, who stay in positions in the ever-changing online and print editions. Among our invited vendors are some of the best in the industry, with excellent faculty programs and workshops. If you are interested in magazine publishing, media, renewal - we are your place. Sign up for September 30th! Follow us on Facebook!