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Do you mind or not?

Do you mind or not?

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It was widely believed that birth pain was absolutely necessary for the baby to come into the world in perfect conditions.

Do you mind or not?

This transport is derived from the observation that different, improperly used pain relief procedures often lead to obesity or even to death.

At the local level

Dr. Peter KrasznaiAccording to the Pйterfy Sбndor street Kуrhбz szьlх-nхbeteg osztбlyбnak vezetх fхorvosa the йrzйstelenнtйs tudomбnyбnak fejlхdйsйvel, gyarapodбsбval the szьlйszeti knowledge rбjцttek to pбrhuzamosan slowly to the fбjdalomcsillapнtбsi eljбrбsok - where expert vйgzi them - not to megzavarnбk the szьlйs menetйt but йppen the mother jу physical йs with a mental state of preservation often speeding up the process.
The vagina and barrier sensitive areas, and their local anesthesia, can eliminate some of the pain, especially during the postpartum period. This is probably the most commonly used method, although it cannot be described as some kind of parental pain relief.

Multiple method

In order to eliminate or reduce the pain that causes congestion, the nerves that are triggering the pain stimulus must be temporarily halted.
- This is how we inject an anesthetic solution into the cervix. Going up from here, the next possibility is to block the painful stimulus at the level of the spinal cord. Moving on, the next switch is in the so-called mid-core located below the cerebral cortex. This is where the strong painkillers work. Finally, the place where the pain really comes to exist is the super-thin layer of the brain, the brain cortex, where pain can be influenced in many ways.


Because different analgesic methods work in different places, according to the chief physician one of your apps does not exclude the others.
- As a general rule, we should start with a simpler and generally less effective procedure and then, if necessary, switch to a more complex but effective method. That is, the methods are not competing, but rather complement each other. Full-value parental analgesia can only be talked about in institutions where all the techniques are known today, or at least most of them are available, and the woman can consult with the doctor who is giving birth.

Medication procedures

The essence of these methods is to deliver the medicine to the body blocks the pain.
Nitrogenoxiduloxygen analgesia: The pain relief is strong, but the sensation is not complete. The oldest method in which a woman, also referred to as kayak, is injected through a mask.
Gцrcsoldуk: These agents reduce the pain of the mum by reducing the resistance of the mum. In small doses neither the mother nor the fetus are harmed. It is rarely used in institutions where epidural anesthesia is available.
Attempted analgesics: They are given by tablet or injection. They have the potential to produce good results, but they also have side effects that mainly from the point of view of the newborn. After passing through the leaf, they quickly reach the fetus and act just as well as the mother's body, and can mainly interfere with the operation of the focal point. In recent years, however, there have already been adequate remedies to eliminate this disturbing effect.
Epidural analgesia (EDA): 100 years of childbirth pain relief is known, and EDA is a very popular form in recent decades. Its widespread penetration can be due to its almost complete refusal of the demands that come with the parenting pain relief method.
An unstimulated solution injected from the spinal cord and indirectly involved in nerve pain in the middle of the nerve, injected into the so-called epidural space, temporarily removes irritation. This special volume allows the painkillers to be interrupted before they enter the spinal cord.
The effect of the anesthetic solution limited in timeso you can repeat it several times during your birth. An overwhelming majority of young women have heard of this method of analgesia, but often with frightening stories, many people are reluctant to use it. They are usually afraid of different kinds of insults and the fact that birth stops on the anesthetic. These fears are, of course, unfounded, emphasizes Dr. Peter Krasznai, as up-to-date statistics have been compiled on what events can be counted.
They prove that, in epidural anesthesia, the events do not occur more often, but rather less frequently. If the doctor is properly prepared, fully familiar with and applying the technique, no complications can occur.

Unborn birth

In addition to the widespread adoption of parental pain relief, another need arose for women in need of childbearing: the guarantee of unbridled, or natural, birth.
"Many people think the two things are not compatible," says dr. Peter of Krasnaya. - That's not the case. Today, it has been clearly demonstrated that pain is not an integral part of childbirth. Professionally performed analgesia does not disturb, but positively influences the birth process. There was only one example mentioned: in the past, she tied the female to the epidural anesthetic, now called sétбlу epidurбl it allows the butter woman to move as freely as if she had not received anesthesia.
The need for natural childbirth is understandable, and all sober physicians are supported with the utmost support.
- However, all views that concealed the concept of unbridled birth disregard the views that are available today in modern birth. I myself support the creation of so-called baby homes, where women can be born in a family-friendly environment, but I think it is important to have these hospitals in close proximity to help with any complications.
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