Why does the three-year-old stutter?

Why does the three-year-old stutter?

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In our series, we are a psychological mother, a mother of four, asking for inquiries. Juli started stuttering a month ago. How can they help him?

Dear Judit,
Juli's daughter will be three years old and start stuttering about a month ago. I didn't care about it at first, but over the last two days the situation has become more serious. I can't recall anything unexpected in our lives that he might have stumbled upon it. It's getting worried! I want you to share your opinion with me!
Ьdv: Zsufi

The answer of the experts

Dear Zufi,
Stuttering can be at this age Physiological stutteringwhich means that the child wants to say more quickly and simultaneously than his or her speech skills would allow. So he gets stuck, and then the little one stamens. Of course, stuttering also has a tendency, and maybe something he also has a spiritual background, but there is no need to be scared, they didn't "make us kid". Rather, think that everyone has the hustle and bustle in life that we can deal with one way or another.
Stuttering often resolves spontaneously, but you may need to turn to speech therapist for help. It is very important to be patient, because if your child is also anxious about stuttering, the symptoms can go away. In some cases, the stutter repeats only sounds, tags, words, and it seems difficult to move on. This clown dadogs. If you get stuck in the first sound and can't switch to the next one, it's a heavier, heavier situation: tons of dadogabs.

The child does not stutter directly, so he is patient

Occasionally, the child repeats a song, but not snaps, just because he does not remember the next word. This is a characteristic of the onset of speech development (between 2 and 4 years) and is not considered stuttering. Conversely, if you start listening negatively and alert your child, you may become stuttering.
It is very important that you do not overwhelm your surroundings or give advice (say slower! Think before you die!), It just bothers you, because he feels that he is hesitant and should do better. Then, of course, the better you want it, the nicer it will be. Let us think that the child does NOT want to stutter, he does not stumble upon speech, but can only give birth to it. Don't steal taboos, the child knows he is stuttering anyway.
If you ask us what it is or why it says so, let's say it happens to kids like this and we know about it. But that's okay, we'll listen to him patiently. Share the "instruction manual" with other family members and educators so that your intent grandfather or neighbour's aunt macerates it, or starts "treating" it.
If there is a lot of failure with your speech, it can help if you are already singing well-known verses or singing, saying. In such cases, the child will almost never stutter. If you get sick for months, or stutter again and again, it is worth visiting a speech therapist. Alone, you may be able to help the little one with psychology through regular exercise and anxiety relief.
If you want to get deeper into this topic, I recommend this book: Eszter Schmidtné Balabs: A picture book on stuttering and stuff.
Ьdv: Judit
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