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Exercise your sensory organs!

Exercise your sensory organs!

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As an adult, your child enjoys these summer activities:

Smell different flowers


Sunbathing filter fine warm sand on the back of the kid, trembling with trepidation! Let's use our fingers to draw simple figures on a wet background: do you figure out what it is? Let's walk all the way down to the beach's heated ledge. The bright part is less warm than the dark stone surface. Let's run across the silky grass, but beware of dry tar!


Exciting stuff bite with closed eyes something. What will it be? If our eyes do not help, our tongue will feel a little overwhelmed by what we are talking about. The flavors are cold to the touch: freshly picked sun-dried strawberries and tomatoes are much tastier than the fruit taken from the frost.


Enjoy the fragrance of fresh spring winds, flowers and fruits. Shut the kid's eyes, and put a characteristic scented fruit flower under your nose. Not all smells delicious! What does it say, for example, when we smell fish?


We lie supine in the head, and we dabble in a variety of clouds. Let's watch each sunset or sunrise, and then try to paint the glorious colors. Let's admire the overgrown foliage of our head in the woods, the play of light shed, and the thousands of shades of green.


Let's just keep quiet in the woods, and we're afraid of birds chattering, forking, chasing, brooding. Can we distinguish between different tastes?Related Articles:
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