Shooting video games develop kids?

Shooting video games develop kids?

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According to experts, video games, even violent shooter types, have a positive effect on children's learning abilities, health and social relationships.

Experts point out that, in addition to the many anti-video game views, the above facts should not be overlooked, as these games may make you addicted to some, may also be aggressive or depressed. The American Psychologist Isabela Granic, a professor at Radboud University in the Netherlands, believes that it is important to look at these games objectively and not only highlight the negative aspects of the game. , trigger memory, improve alertness and resilience, help to shut down, relieve anxiety, improve decision-making ability, or learn to, start a career like this.

According to Granic, if you are simply in the mood for a video game, it is a fundamentally fun game. In addition, the authors say these games will teach you how to withstand failure, and that if something fails, you will run it again and again. Also, video games are often mistaken for being isolated from other people and lonely, but in this regard, authors point out that most of the worlds - you have to collaborate with the friend and the unknown through the world. These games create many virtual communities where you need to be able to quickly decide who to trust and not to.
The study also reveals that many teachers are already watching these video games, and physicians are using some of the games to improve the health of some patients. The authors suggest that psychologists, hospital workers, and game designers work together to bring more and more games that can be used in addition to traditional medical therapy.