Due to lack of doctors, we closed the Early Childhood Center

Due to lack of doctors, we closed the Early Childhood Center

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Due to a shortage of specialists, the Early Childhood Center is closed and there are no staffing conditions required for the operation.

We closed the Early Childhood Center of HonwedkhurchThe Early Childhood Center of the Honorary Hospital is a nationally recognized department, but due to a lack of professionals there are no necessary human resources to operate, so On December 15, the Perinatllis Intensity Center will close (PIC). According to information from the Hvg, a referendum meeting was held Tuesday in the Honor Court to see how the institution could be reopened before December 15. The page knows that Within a year, seven doctors had given up one of the best, highest-quality PIC centers in the capital. The reason for the redundancies was the low salary and lack of appreciation. Close to 15, for two weeks now. They are working to resolve the situation by January. We belong to the Honworld House the PIC and the Women's Clinic at the Semmelweis University HVG ъgy йrtesьlt accept the six days that Csaba Nбdor, the PIC osztбlyvezetхje lбtnб the problйma megoldбsбt the jelentхs bйremelйsben but Honvйdkуrhбz commander Kun Szabу Istvбn not бllt egyelхre kцtйlnek.A Honvйd koraszьlцttcentrumбban lбtnak in a csecsemхket who mйhen belьl fejlхdйsi rendellenessйgekkel, various infections or problems occurring in the postnatal period have come to the world. The Honor also accepts babies born less than 33 weeks old and weighing less than 1500 grams. Preterm births are born with a weight of less than 1,500 grams, and because of the spread of PICs, their probability of survival is now about 98 per cent.
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