Influenza: Can We Be Ill From The Blood?

Influenza: Can We Be Ill From The Blood?

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Experts recommend everyone to have flu protection. There are public beliefs about vaccines, the most common fear is that vaccination is dangerous.

Influenza: Can We Be Ill From The Blood?The Central Bureau of Statistics estimates that an average of 274,000 people catch flu each year between 2011 and 2015. Flu flu peaks every month between January and February, so it's worth filing for vaccination in the early fall, as it takes 10-14 days for the vaccine to develop. Because vaccination provides seasonal protection, it is worthwhile to give the vaccine every year. Experts call attention to the fact that influenza infections can occur in cancer patients, so they vote for the vaccine. It is important to know that the vaccine is not 100 percent, 10 to 30 percent of those vaccinated may catch the flu, but it will have a milder course. The egg white may have traces of egg white, which may lead to an allergic reaction to egg allergy. However, this may occur in children from 1.3 mg to 0.2 percent in adults. The most severe reaction, anaphylactic shock, occurs in 25 of 1 million vaccines in 33 patients under the age of 3 years. That is, it is quite rare to have this dangerous condition. Balanced nutrition, exercise, good immune system function and basic hygiene are equally important in preventing the flu, but it is also important. Vaccination is not only about protecting ourselves, but also for people who, for some reason, cannot be vaccinated. asthma, cardiovascular disease and those working in health and social care). The vaccination takes approx. It costs two thousand HUF for those who do not belong to risk groups.Related articles about influenza:
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