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"Eye to mouth, press now!" said the nurse, and she was right. Shifts to print born Lilien.

Strange waistlines can also be a part of anguish

I was expelled on December 25, 2010. Needless to say, although the time was disappointing, I didn't want to spend Christmas in the hospital. That's it I tried to persuade the baby to get out sooner, he and I will be better off.On December 16, 2010, I had some interesting backstories in Delhi. They are generally not strong, rather than just the gut pressing the spine. My first child, so I didn't know how, where and how much he was going to have to bother. The books tell me if you're not sure it's really buttery, then it's not. It was evening, and he was beginning to suspect that these interesting "cubs" were coming in every 20-25 minutes. I told my boyfriend, maybe it would be something, but he only answered that I don't look like someone who's tired, she thinks she won't be a kid. So I slept for a night.I tried to sleep from 10am till 2am in the evening, but the 15-minute "waistcoats" did not let me rest, so they were not always fresh. I thought I was getting up and running a little bit because I knew if I was just buttering, walking could speed things up. so curiously "fuck" my waist, do not want to sleep, the cubs come in every 10 minutes. The package was ready just days before, so we got in the car and set off for Komely Selye János Kourrzaz. In the meantime, I told my GP that something had started, but I'm not always sure. The bedside doctor examined me and said, "I'm really tired of it, and it's about to become a kid. I haven't really understood, I'm gonna give birth? Then came the quick, quick wash, and then the two-minute frostbite arrived, which was really frostbite. In the short term, my baby also broke in, burst my jacket, and from there the events accelerated. The pussies came and my waist was torn apart, and the moment came, I lay on my cot. "Eyelid clench, now press!" - said the baby and our baby was born on December 17, 2010 at 7:33 pm, Lilien 2480 grams, 50 cents. It was taken, repaired, then brought and laid on my chest. Then, at that moment, I just realized that, yes, this day had really come, and I could hold in my arms the little wonder I had been dancing under my heart for nine months.
Szabu Vivien Szabkzinski, Tatabanya
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