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We are launching a new series

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From September, a new countdown will begin. It goes to the small community. In our new series you will read about the Cure, the Usual, and the Legendary Sick.

Welcome to the community!More recently, we are talking about school leavers as an example of school maturity. Of course, this is more of a signifier, since it is not "ripe or not ripe?" parents are asked to do so, but mostly for the most part. How could a child of another age be able to go to church without her mother? And the two-and-a-half-year-olds when we got into the door? It changes a lot from spring to autumn. The notion of dignity can be understood more as a point of capitalization. Helping parents who are still ahead to determine which area they need to focus a little more on.

Bцlcsiйrettsйg? Oh no!

Wisdom is most at stake when the mother has to work or when they are brainstorming with the little one and they both feel bad about being 24 in the bargain: "Let's play! Don't play now! " This situation usually occurs when the mom is completely alone, with her parents, friends, relatives, or when she can do work at home that she needs to focus on.
- My stomach tightened early in the morning when I thought about how much I was missing out on delivering some work - remembers Eva (37) during the most difficult time. "The big ones were taken to school, Janka was sleeping in the stroller, but what came next wasn't for anyone." I was living my job, and he was complaining that something was coming to an end. Needless to say, I couldn't even get more thought out of my brain. I could cry over the blank paper, the lunch was not ready, but it didn't matter because the little dude didn't want to eat. I could work at night, but by the evening I was tired of falling asleep. That's when I decided on wickedness, even though I was against it. Just as Janka was bogged down, as if they had replaced us. He started eating properly, duluth didn't have to be anesthetized by the end of the day, and he was still an active little girl. And I made up my time, gave up my job pretty much by the time I cooked, too. Can we say Janka was honest? Not really. The situation was wicked. If her mother hadn't been alone with all the tasks, or if the big brothers had been at home to take the little one off (just by being present or active), she might not have had to go out of her way. But in this situation, this was the best solution, indeed everyone was good!

Цnбllу pockets

The three-year-old can expect the kindergarten to do this. Above all, being able to communicate well, expressing your needs, telling you what's wrong. Of course, this will not only simplify things for your baby, it will also increase your child's safety. Children who do not speak at the age of three can safely say that they have developed speech. Even if you are enrolled in the school, a minimum of a speech therapy examination is required, but it is also a regular development. Every door has a speech therapist, a developmental teacher, so this is very likely to be done inside the door walls, and "free".
The other expectation is that the baby will move spontaneously. Much… Much more worth trying. Of course, the aunts help her: put them on, hook them up, unleash them, swap the duck. Of course, this also requires that we do not complicate matters. Put on an easy-to-wear outfit: elastic waist trousers, dress shoes, sandals for a lifetime. You can expect a three-year-old to drink a glass and eat alone. In the field of psychological maturity, it is important to understand that taking a parent does not last. Make sure you're taken home.
The biggest request is usually room cleanliness. If you are a warrior with this, you still won't be able to follow it. You need to know that there are no lawful regulations that only clean children should be enrolled in school. With this, the staff at the given nursery can stick to it.

Practice, practice!

Yes, we, experienced, experienced mothers know exactly how nervous to look as long as the child's foot is in the right tights. She was still watching her sipping her cherry in her new white coat. But believe me, it is not by accident that I want it alone! era. If our child was not so fierce and violent, we would probably feed him every year, and we would give him shoes because he was safer, faster, and less calamarious. In simple terms: be patient, but set normal limits, of course. When two-thirds of the cookers land on the floor, you better take control. The ovi do not see this kind of destruction with good eyes. You better have a baby than another.
The other important factor, perhaps the most important, is trust. Don't lose it! If you want something, keep it. So: only watch what you can keep. If you let the big one go, get him as they talk. If a tale is asleep again, let it be one, if you have agreed upon it, it will. So by the time she is ovis, she will know that there is no death, her mother will be there if she said so.
Next time you will read about the routine.
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