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Come on, I'm pregnant, a crown of a new life - tithing

Come on, I'm pregnant, a crown of a new life - tithing

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Hell wouldn't have guessed that the end of pregnancy would be the turning point for anyone who wanted to hell everyone. I went into a snail house, seeking peace!

Come on, I'm pregnant!"No danger, snail, no danger
Now my finger goes to your eyes
Everybody's afraid, snail, everybody's afraid
To please God only… "
I woke up to a tiny "Snail" name the other day, at least it was in my head and it was like I was murmuring under my mustache. I suppose the melody could have come from my tangled lamentation, between the awful effects of two numbnesses, which can be counted as 28-30 on an average 6-7 urn night. The movement is routinely done, and I can sing along with it, and I can sing it out loud, I spend one night alone in the middle of the night and Dad doesn't wake me up at all. Now she's in the midst of a world shift before her baby's birth, she wants to finish everything before April, so I can't let her blow up in the 3-4 hours she spent next to me.
In the morning, I can usually make another revolutionary night, and the next step, when I don't have a bit of a rest, is to be a good, well-groomed woman waking up in a different rhythm, and I can do this alone all the time.) Makeup is not part of my toolbar, it is more like a mantrash before it, it doesn't with the words "I do today's 8 hours working with my desk folded in" and "don't strangle anyone". If you manage to breathe life with these, you can come with a little gymnastics and a well-deserved homemade smoothie. The day may come, my lord is slowly recovering.

It still contains traces of the old New Year's Eve

Even so, at the turn of the millennium, it is not so much in the light of the seventh month: I am often forgotten about my work to this day, and only my child calls my mind to go out for a long time to box or that it would be time to take some food with me because the maternal container is empty. I am convinced and I have made sure that the smallest one so patiently waited for readability and articles. I have a hard time getting up, rearranging the power balance of the farmhouse to something more balanced, going for a ride, and then falling back to work. It starts all over again, I try to teach maximum concentration, but it seems as if I can see myself now: how could I do this in 12-14 yrs, with all my nerves, with nothing in sight? And lately, how are you getting less and less?
Even in the evening, I hardly like to live, I just drag myself down to the bed, but sometimes I'm not in the car and I fall asleep on my way home. Or just before dinner, just a few minutes on the couch, just a little…

Ag your house idek

I turn off my phone more and more after work (I think I am a bit sick), and my social interactions are reduced to a minimum. I do not have much affection for the world, for the news, for politics; I don't feel much power to move out; I have no power to hurt myself if I am not interested; I can't take too long to hear about the injustices that come with it. If there is no croissant, the bun should be replaced instead; if I do not have all the baby linen by April, I will not rush the Dun; if you don't come to a meeting, you won't.
One point: I have so many concerns that I simply want to get out of the world drifts in peace. Accept that something has become important. That I am slower and healthier, that I wear less with the same enthusiasm. Now that my wormhole is my safest thing to do: I should start something else slowly.
Please turn off the microphone ...
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