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Every 10th father suffers from postpartum depression

Every 10th father suffers from postpartum depression

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Fortunately, more and more celebrities - including Brooke Shields, Drew Barrymore, and Chrissy Teigen - are speaking out about their postpartum depression, so that affected women are more likely to identify symptoms.

Every 10th father suffers from postpartum depression

However, if a man does the same, he will have to face mostly rude attacks.Adam Busby, an American reality show, Outdoughtered, has starred in the postpartum depression that many have dubbed "gossip." And yet, there is a phenomenon that can be found on men's hormones as well, which cannot be dealt with so much as "being a man, and thinking about your family." fresh fathers report about 10 percent of depressive symptoms after childbirth, which is about twice the rate of depression in men. Postpartum depression in women is due to hormone changes, even in men. the causes are less well known. However, recent research has shown that men's hormone levels - most notably testosterone levels - are a good chance to face this problem. In fact, it also suggests that our partners will be depressed.
  • Dad can be depressed after childbirth
  • Many men are depressed while their couple are pregnant
  • It's not just women who have postpartum depression


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