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What should a baby mother snack on?

What should a baby mother snack on?

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Fortunately, no one really thinks about having a baby to eat instead of two, and we have more and more information about the ideal diet during pregnancy. Come on for some healthy snacks!

In infants, it is worthwhile to carefully change the diet, not only because it is extremely important for the fetus to get all the nutrients needed for proper development, but also for the mother. "treat" with healthy foods. In addition, expectant mothers may have to follow a special diet, for example due to gestational diabetes. Professionals generally recommend three larger and two to three smaller meals. What is it worth to snack on during pregnancy?

Apple, peanut butter and crackers

In general, it is best to have a variety of nutrients in the snack, that is, white, carbohydrate, fat, and fiber. The fiber content of apples has a positive effect on digestion, while the white fat content of peanut butter gives energy. Of course, we can combine different vegetable sheaves (almond, cashew, hazelnut butter) and fruits (pear, strawberry)!Avocado is rich in vitamins and healthy fats

Corn chips and avocados

Sometimes when it comes to crunchy, salty, spicy snacks, corn chips and avocados are the ideal choice. Avocado is rich in B vitamins and healthy fats, and corn chips have a higher fiber content than traditional potato flakes. Instead of avocado scrubs, you can try other green scrubs or hummus!

Yogurt with fruits and oilseeds

Calcium in dairy products is important for healthy bones, fruits contain fibers and vitamins, and oilseeds (such as almonds, cashews) are rich in healthy fats, protein and minerals. It's a good idea to make a fruity yogurt at home, as in-store products are high in sugar and additives.


Not only those who are ready for the exam can make a good choice for their baby, that is, a mixture of raisins (or other dried fruits) and oily seeds, but also for little ones. It contains a small group of nutrients, from white and fat to fiber, and also contains minerals and vitamins, such as iron, that are essential for the fetus. The delicacies are also relatively light to deliver, so you can always have a little snack.

Smoothie and smoothie

Yogurt, milk or herbal milk, or fruit-based, non-alcoholic soft drinks can be added to desserts, but when combined with herbs (such as spinach), you can provide extra vitamins and fiber. Even with peanut butter, cocoa, or avocado, you can top it up with a shake, so it's even more!

Cheese, fruit and oilseeds

Vitamins, minerals, whites, fibers and healthy fats - plus the combination of different textures, sweet and salty water, can satisfy even the slightest baby. You can choose fruits, apples, pears or grapes, and you can eat some almonds. But be careful with the cheeses: matured cheeses and products made from raw milk should be avoided! (Via)Also worth reading:
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