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Protect our children's skin April 3-9. the Book of the Week

Protect our children's skin April 3-9. the Book of the Week

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Our body needs sunlight, but direct sunlight has a number of adverse effects. Healthy lifestyle nowadays also includes effective light protection. And protecting children's skins requires special care.

Children's skin differs from adults in many ways, it is much more sensitive to sunlight, so in some cases the light gets even higher. The natural color and pigmentation of the skin is provided by melanin. By exposure to sunlight, our cells produce large amounts of melanin to protect the skin from the sun. However, the cells responsible for pigmentation in the skin of children are less active, resulting in enhanced UV sensitivity. Children with light-skinned, fair-haired freckles produce less melanin in their skin and are more prone to burns. It is also important that the skin of the little ones is much thinner, so it is very important to choose the right kind of protection for the needs of the children.

What can the UV radiation cause?

The sun emits UV light from the sun. UVA rays are present all day and can penetrate the clouds as well. They penetrate into the lower layers of the skin, play a significant role in premature aging of the skin, contribute to the formation of wrinkles, contribute to indirect DNA damage and also to your eye retina. UVB radiation supplies the body with vitamin D, but it is also responsible for the sun and direct DNA damage. According to experts, there is a close correlation between skin frequency and DNA damage, and more than 90 percent of skin malignancies can be attributed to the harmful effects of sun exposure. UVC radiation is filtered out by the Earth's atmosphere and therefore does not penetrate the skin.Infants should be protected from direct sunlight. Make sure that your children do not stay out of the sun between 11 and 15 o'clock as the intensity of UVA and UVB rays is significantly higher. Pay particular attention to the protection of children if there are many or prominent moles on the skin of the child. Our moles can serve not only as biological fingerprints but also as a source of danger. It is very important that we get used to the use of streaming products at an early age, as all childhood illnesses increase the risk of the skin.

Better to be afraid than to be afraid!

We need sunlight, but no adverse effects. Prevention, personalized, cellular protection, plays a key role at all ages. Initiated by the Hungarian Dermatological Society from BIODERMA this year will be held for the first time April 3-9. Between the SHEET WEEK and the series of events. The program is designed to raise public awareness - parents, educators, parents, and children - about the importance of bookkeeping and prevention. Within the framework of the event, nine cities (Budapest, Budaörs, Esztergom, Debrecen, Szeged, Gyula, Pécs, Szekszard, Miskolc) organize leather boots and lounges, and also provide educational and educational information. You can read about the advice you have here.On April 7, "Book Week" will culminate in a program closing event hosted by the Semmelweis University Leather, Nemikurrtani and Leather College on María Street. The program, with the help of renowned professionals, seeks to determine why it is important to educate children about the use of publishers, what pedagogical methods can be used to do this, how can the child,