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The amber was causing trouble again

The amber was causing trouble again

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He issued a warning to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) after an 18-month-old baby died of suffocation caused by amber.

Ivy is a serious injury, like can be fatal - warns the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) - Report Mirror online. According to the agency, parents should not use amber because their use is unsafe.
An 18-month-old baby died after the FDA issued a warning. And with a seven-month-old baby, your bracelet caused you to choke, and he was transported to the house.Ivy is unsafe Amber is becoming popular and popular as a tool to ease teeth. During the racking period, the babies will be happy to relieve toothache and tooth transition. Manufacturers suggest that the resin in the necklaces relieves tooth discomfort. Amber is also used in sensory stimulation in children with autism or ADHD. However, the FDA is kйri the szьlхket to kerьljйk the borostyбnlбnc hasznбlatбt. "We know that these termйkek more nйpszerыbbek the szьlхk kцrйben who want segнteni the gyermekьk fogzбsi fбjdalmбnak enyhнtйsйben йs йrzйkszervi ingerlйsйben. However, our concern must be kifejeznьnk with respect to kockбzatokkal that ezeknйl we recognize the products, and we want parents to be aware that these products put children at risk, serious injuries, and even death, "he said. Dr. Scott Gottlieb, FDA sure.
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