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The baby box is also being introduced in Scotland

The baby box is also being introduced in Scotland

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After Finland, the baby box will be introduced in Scotland as of 1 January 2017. The Finns may have about 80 years of this. There, regardless of need, every mother receives a starter pack from the state.


With these packages, which are around 80 different Newborns contain useful things for them, the babies originally wanted to increase their chances of survival. In the box you will find useful accessories such as diapers, baby clothes, blankets, buttocks, toothbrushes, fairies, checkers, and even picture books. The box itself is also useless, as Finnish mothers often anesthetize their dolls in this case.Scouting the little experimenter in the "experimental" area they will start receiving it in January but the box will be delivered to all newborn moms by summer.
"We follow the Finnish pattern, where the baby box has led to the world's lowest infant mortality rate," said Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland. "Next month, we will begin competing on box design designs with V & A Dundee Museum."