8 questions, 8 answers about baby carrier

8 questions, 8 answers about baby carrier

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There are countless beliefs about carrying. Whoever is before can be uncertain. We collected the most common requests.

You both will love to carry! For many people, portability may seem like portability. Before you know how good and practical you are!

Why do babies like to get by?

The answer is simple: because you are social! Our closest relatives, the primate, carry their little ones on their bodies for months before putting them down. For the impotent infant, the proximity of her parents is vital, so she feels safe.

Isn't it tempting to carry around a lot?

Not because the infant's natural need is proximity to the body! Ancient alarms go off when put down and left alone. As it changes, you will want to be less and less ready to go, as it will take up the discovery of the world. As with breastfeeding, so do the other infant features, but the need for proximity to body remains throughout childhood.

Willn't your spine bend when you're in a carry-on?

A well-knit cloth can be recognized by the fact that even if you bend down, the baby will be held firm and without movement. In this case, the baby is in a position that is perfectly comfortable and healthy, so that the spine does not need to be kept at bay. Believe that the baby should lie perfectly flat on a hard surface all day long.


From when and how long can we carry the baby?

Depends on your carrying device! Beginning in the new age, there are tools that are safe to wrap around and hold the baby without the need to support it with your hands. For example, kangaroos are generally unsuitable for newborns because they are not kept tight enough. From the age of three, however, it may be a good solution. How much easier it is to choose: as long as we wear it with strength and waist, but at least as long as the little one is willing to travel on his own feet. In luggage, it is less difficult to carry larger cats.

Which is the best portable device?

Even the smallest, most versatile, and by many, its simplicity is the best when it comes to carrying. The only downside is that the modalities of binding must be learnedbut this is not an issue either. It is advisable to buy as long as at least 4.6 meters long and sixty to seventy centimeters wide cloth is necessary for the more complicated, but also suitable for carrying newborns and premature babies.
One of the great advantages of a cloth is that it provides a great weight distribution so it is less onerous for a parent than a kangaroo. Babies value a complete, safe, close environment. Being in a scarf is a bit like always giving the baby a baby's safety when it comes to safety.

How long is the ideal carry-on?

It depends on what kind of carry-on we will use, and to some extent the parent's body plays a role. If you only wear it when laid flat and on the side, the shortest cloth will fit. If you choose a cross-over or a back-to-back tie, you can choose between a half and a half meter long, seventy centimeters wide wraps. This seems like a lot, but with a little practice we can easily handle it. Йrdemes teaching a cloth wrapping course to go to where you can learn a variety of methods during your few hours:

Is it true that he learns to learn how to sleep and how to carry the much-worn baby?

Most babies in the first three months need the most carry. Afterwards, they are increasingly interested in the environment, preferring to look and act freely. If you are not carrying the car, you will be told that it was enough. In this case, most parents try to "let go" of the little one first, and then they can practice the movement they are about to do. So slowly, you only use your handheld if you want to get somewhere with it.
Even the harshest adversaries of portability should not seriously think that this would make the learning of the Yorkshell any longer! On the contrary, moving along with the parent improves the equilibrium of many other positive effects, and this is one of the most important prerequisites for learning in Yerevan!

Can we carry the baby face to face if you want to pee?

If we start with orthopedic considerations, the answer is no! That's right the baby is forced to homosexually, and your feet are not in the comfort of a peaceful, but downright lame. However, parents often find that from the age of about three months onwards, the baby does not look as well as the traditional face-to-face portability of the baby does not look as much as she desires.
In these cases, the best solution is to try other binding methods, such as side-to-side portability, or portability starting at about a month. Even so, the baby can watch over the cook, sure to be away from anything that is hot!

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