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Home remedies you should never use!

Home remedies you should never use!

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Let's bet you also have some goodwill who knows the solution to all your problems. But when it comes to kid's skin, you better listen to a specialist. We have collected home remedies that we know are harmful.


It's a bad idea your child is intentionally sent to children with tetanus! Fortunately, the fashion of the poultry hair is awful, but you can always hear about such an initiation: a few families combine a healthy baby with a sick baby to catch the patches. bбrбnyhimlх however, you are not as gentle as we think of the name! Mostly, it is very malignant, but in 10 cases it can be a serious event. Do not rush the infection, especially in infants! Instead, boost your baby's immune system during the Easter period or vaccinate. Today we know that two vaccinations are needed for safe protection!

Do not apply anything to the rubbers of varicella!

Potty Potty?

Harmful if you have varicella poisoning! Never lubricate the blisters! Cold-action "zinc-plated" mixers may seem like a good idea, as our mothers used to heal us with this, too! Today we know that only the bхrfertхzйs You increase the danger, because under the cover cream, you may find it easier to multiply your tongue. However, do not frighten the little patient about bathing forbidden. Just make sure that you do not rub the skin with the tops, but rather water the moisture carefully.

Eat it if you want to!

Diarrhea in case of vomiting there is no need for a strict diet! As long as the little one is ill, I still don't want to eat. If you take care of the right folyadйkpуtlбsrуl - which can be water, refrigerated, poor tea, rehydrated fluids when needed - there will be nothing wrong with the one or two day diet. However, when it comes to your meal, you do not need a day-long cooked rape-rice-boiled potatoes. Of course, graduation is very important; But if you're hungry, let me eat! Make lighter treats in the first few days, but you don't have to cook it yourself.

Sour cream on the wound?

We strongly recommended that you lubricate the old brew with sour cream. The Graveyard should not be smeared with anything! Milk, eggs, fat and other miracles can lead to serious infection and provoke healing. If the little one scolded or healed himself, the the most important thing to do is to cool: allow cold tap water for at least fifteen minutes to the funnel area. If you have a big problem and you need to call an ambulance, don't stop the chill - it significantly reduces your child's pain and prevents further tissue destruction.

Sorry about the tick!

It is traditional practice to apply a tummy tucked cream in the skin. Many people believe that the cream starts to suffocate and rather leaves the skin before it dies. This fatherhood is still strong today. Cream using, twisting, pressing increase infectious currency. Therefore, if you find a tick in your seedling, use the tweezers made for this purpose to remove the invader as soon as possible. No matter if your head stays inside, it will eject itself like a small cat in a couple of days.


Many parents do not allow their ears to be overheard. They fear that they will have to be screened after each intervention. If you have a heart attack you should consult a doctor most of the time droplets and / or other drugs are sufficient alkalmazбsa. If, on the other hand, the doctor thinks the big problem is, you need to know that a timely filter is healing faster than a teardrop rupture, and a lower risk of relapse. Spontaneous rupture, on the other hand, painful days prevents it. In addition, scarred healing edges can also cause hearing damage. You will not try to filter your child's ears over and over again because the first screening has triggered such an avalanche, but because they are prone to mid-inflammation.

Did you drink poison? Doctor!

Our grandmothers drank milk with the child when they suspected poisoning. That wasn't a great idea! Milk only in case of acid or detoxification should be given to slightly neutralize the corrosive material. In all other cases it can be very harmful because milk binds fat soluble in the fat and only stimulates absorption in the body. When you suspect you have eaten small poisonous substances, consult a doctor immediately and take the poisonous substance in a pack or remnant.These articles can also be useful:
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