This is how to stop the burnt tooth

This is how to stop the burnt tooth

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Our teeth serve us throughout our lives, so no matter how much or how much we spend with them. Childhood dental care is life-long.

The technique of brushing is very important!

Chief doctor of the New Buddhist Prison Center, Dr. Born Brown, a dental dentist says there are 4 things we can do to help our child learn to clean teeth properly.

1. Toothbrush Selection

A particularly important question for children, what toothpaste to use when brushing their teeth? Dr. Luke Lukash says that even more important than toothbrush selection is the way the little ones rub their teeth. "Everything that comes into the mouth is instantly absorbed through the mucous membrane of the mouth and into the circulation. We always need to see what kind of toothpastes our children use." Your selection should include items that are free from synthetic materials and does not contain preservatives or other synthetic coloring agents no. It is available in pharmacies natъrfogkrйmek They are also able to provide oral health and hygiene in the same way as their more popular 'counterparts' in drug stores. Let's take a moment toothbrushes For the composition of its components. This is a one time opportunity to find the right toothpick. And if we find something that contains herbal extracts, not only do we clean the teeth of our cucumber, but we can be sure that our seedling will improve the blood circulation and prevent preventive effects on the tooth fogнnygyulladбs йs fogнnysorvadбs to prevent their formation.

2. Not just gliding, cleaning

If we trust our child to fogmosбst, probably brushes the toothpaste on the toothbrush, lightly scrubbing the light tooth, and by and large considers the operation complete within seconds. The dentist recommends that you take the occasional two minutes while your baby is brushing their teeth and help them clean their back teeth when necessary. " three times a day, and after a tooth brushing toothbrushes and toothpaste choose to brush your little tooth. You can also get a little sandblast, which lets you measure for yourself how long you have cleaned your teeth. "

3. What's in the bowl?

Now, as a toddler, let's get our kids into the natural, vitamin-like, fiber rich foods fogyasztбsбra. The zipper works the clamp in a healthy way. However, foods imbued with sugars and highly refined additives will increase plaque formation, which can lead to dental caries. The dentist will recommend raw greens and fruits. The best three palates are celery green, apples and sage leaves.

4. Dental visit

THE fogбpolбsban it is also true that minor changes, minor imbalances can be easily corrected, even though advanced tooth decay cannot be corrected. It is our responsibility to determine what kind of teeth our child will have as he or she grows up.If you regularly pay attention to the first three points, then you should only take your dentist to your dentist once a year. If we check this out, we can be sure that our child will smile confidently as they grow up.