We have never been more cute than the best of toddler friends

We have never been more cute than the best of toddler friends

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A heartwarming meeting was striving for: Two toddler boys meeting in the street who are best friends.

Finnegan and Maxwell's best friends, one of their father's, have made this incredibly cute video of me running across the street with my arms outstretched, to keep us going. The heartwarmer hired Maxwell's daddy shared on Facebook with the following text: This is such a miracle! Finnegan + Maxwell = Best Friends! All of us would be like this. According to Dad, little boys are almost inseparable and always very excited when they meet, even if they have only been away for 1-2 days. "The boys communicate with each other that we don't understand, but they definitely understand each other," he said. Finnegan and Maxwell are as close to each other as they are brothers - they share everything, games, clothes, too.Related links:


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