Flask program: stricter regulation may come

Flask program: stricter regulation may come

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Strengthening flask regulation is needed - said Zoltán Balog, head of the Ministry of Human Resources.

Flask program: stricter regulation may come

Referring to the Hungarian Nation, Há reports that András Veres has a statement about the county governors of Győr Zoltá Balog he said that there would be a need for austerity, but the government would continue to support the flask program. the most important thing is to keep the constitutional principle of the protection of life in mind, "the minister said. The Catholic Church's main concern is about the fate of non-implanted embryos. There are many ways to do this today: Stakeholders may request that they be able to use frozen embryos for a short time, or they may offer them to another infertile couple or for research purposes. But embryos can also ask for destruction, but just like that Kaabli GizaFormerly there was another example of massive destruction: according to a 2006 edition of the Medical Weekly, " necessary machine. All patients in the ward were told not to freeze their embryos - the Hungarian nation writes.Zsolt Semjin he said that he was looking forward to the proposal of Bishop András Veres for a regulation that would be consistent with the teachings of the Church and work from a medical-biological point of view. Semjйn called "horrorkategуriбnak", which is not ьltetett embriуkkal tцrtйnik vilбgszerte.A Hнr tv was hнrьl that kormбny szeretnй if йletvйdelmi the better aspects of йrvйnyesьlnйnek mestersйges megtermйkenyнtйs sorбn, the Catholic egyhбz bнrбlata Zsolt nyomбn.Semjйn instead of magбnbiznisz бllami felьgyelet underline the procedures because, as he put it, it is impossible to experiment with the Hungarian people living in their fetal age.
- According to the Catholic Church, artificial insemination is unacceptable
- The Catholic Church is divided in the flask
- That's why you need so many flasks


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