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Perhaps at the same time as humanity is to make the baby sleep: to sleep rather than starve, or to look awfully. What is the solution: pacifier, finger sucking or breastfeeding?

The use of pacifiers divides parents

The baby's basic need is breastfeeding. Most newborns use the ability to conceive in the first litter: "bite" the breast and suckle, even though there is no significant amount of breast milk. The baby feels comfortable and comfortable with her mother. Most babies will continue to "cum" when they are alive. Many mothers find this superfluous, and even consider it abusive, saying that they do not breastfeed, they just play. Most babies get to spend time with their breasts, especially if they can breastfeed at any time. If not limited to this, the hard and swollen hard, hard work of the so-called "Komfortszopбs" time is coming, and most of all they are glamorizing themselves slowly - against my mother. They will not accept the pacifier, nor will they be permanently finger-prone. A few nipples are looking beyond that, and after breastfeeding: there is something in the neighborhood that you could get. After a couple of weeks you will find what you are looking for, insert one inches or point fingers into your mouth, maybe several at a time as you succeed. But only if you let them find a solution yourself.

Sooth not - with patience

Today, when one of the baby's signs is pacifier, it is hard to understand that the use of breast pads is not natural and can even cause problems. Nobody quips saying "my baby needed a dummy". But who has ever seen a newborn who puts on a pacifier? In our rushed world, the fact that a baby is suddenly coming to life and that he or she is overturning the circularity of everyday life, can be overlooked. It requires patience, adaptability, deceleration. It is not easy to accomplish this. why this kid has no off button?! It is a big deal to search for it, and once we have made the dummy like an off button, it's hard to give up. Let's see what the solutions are! Sick periods are not easy to handle, but sooner or later, the mother will decide what her child wants. Most babies almost always want one thing: the mother! The scent, the warmth, the softness, the safety and the breast. The healthy physical and mental development one surefire is if you get all this. In the first few weeks, a "baby without a pacifier" will probably take more time with her mother, but the situation is much better and simpler without a pacifier.

Instruction - Injection

What happens if you let the little baby take control of his or her baby? What if we let him spend as much time on the breast as he wants and suck his own fingers if that's not enough? During the first few weeks you almost certainly need to breastfeed frequently and a suckling a long cumming it can take up to an hour for an umbrella. Later, once you have found your finger, it will require less of mom's time, it will make you sleep, and it will fall asleep alone. It could be up to about four months a lot of the finger will be in the mouth, but now the surprising turn is coming! He starts playing, catching everything, ringing and ringing. And that requires our fingers. He starts to hobble, crawl, start to swim. This requires a hand - foot. The finger sucking cow is suppressed during the daytime active period. This is even more valid when the toddler starts to talk. Who has seen any of the chattering kids who suck their finger? By another year, the seedling will suck his finger just when he falls asleep, after waking up, and in a state of anxiety. This habit may remain for as long as reassuring memory from the first few months spent safely. Balanced children in the early years of school give up on finger sucking. On the other hand, sooths are used by parents to teach the baby. This seems more comfortable in the first few weeks than continuous nursing, breastfeeding. The pacifier will occasionally fall out of the baby's mouth, even at night. The parents should always be on the door because they can only be put back in the right place for a few months. THE favorite pacifier it will get dirty, go crazy, and forget at home - which results in big and lasting bumps. Right: The baby is bound to the pacifier and feels completely insecure without it.The little thing does not determine when it comes to comforting cum: control the life externally. There's no reason to give up your pacifiers, because it's great to play with, play more nicely, and even talk with pacifiers in the mouth. The dummy cow remains - until the parent begins to cure or other higher powers (like the nursery school) do not order him out of his mouth. Then, in the end, it "takes the kitten" or "gave it to another baby". One day to the other. But that is not a good thing: first get used to it, then suddenly take it away. What would an adult do if she were to lose her cigarette, her favorite plates, her father or her usual cushion for a second? He would certainly feel awful for a while, though he might understand the reason for this rigorous intervention. The twin doesn't understand it. It may be only a slight urine, only sad for a few days. But he was afraid that he was cut short by the one he loved the most, the one he loved the most.

Anxiety and finger sucking

The persistent, passionate fingering that remains after the age of five is an important warning sign for the mother: something is wrong with the baby. Write a pediatric exam and write down what might be the mental tension source of the family. If you experience the same thing with an older child (three to six years old), you should definitely go to a psychologist. This indicates that the child is deeply anxious about something that is constant in fear, and therefore flees from the world to an inner, more peaceful world. Doing so would not eliminate the problem itself, but it would take away what you can cling to. Family members need assistance and assistance from a specialist.

If the baby does not breastfeed

There may also be situations where, in contrast to pacifiers, we cannot recommend more frequent, longer-term breastfeeding because the baby is not breastfeeding but is fed from a pacifier. If, in this case, too, nutrition is on demand and with small pacifiers, the feedings are not much shorter than breastfeeding, and so will probably satisfy the baby's need for breastfeeding. Many people come in instead of pacifiers with nursing cloths, plush feeding, their mother's closeness, caressing, and caressing. Whenever possible, we can remedy the problem with personal attention, not by using a tool.In the case of very small premature babies, nursing care practitioners also recommend the use of a special type of pacifier. Improves breastfeeding of babies born before the thirty-thirty-one weeks, and can begin oral nutrition sooner.

Why not cum ?!

THE physiological harms along with a number of practical considerations against the use of pacifiers. prepares for abnormal mouth and stamina. Frequent and prolonged use can cause dental abnormalities, dental problems, and consequently speech defects. posture of abnormal language (tends to language tongue) and obstructs the activity of the tongue palate. For sensitive babies, this can lead to serious breastfeeding: instead of pushing the soft nipple out of the mouth with a tongue-in-cheek tongue. latex allergy, which is one of the most important ingredients in pacifiers can cause infections, fungi, bacteria can grow on it.- The cumizou baby spend less time sucking, they are less likely to breastfeed, so they may not get enough breast milk.

How next?

It's not about staying silent for any length of time, but developing yourself perfectly - If you don't want to give up on roula, choose a pacifier that is soft, narrow and short in appearance. The thick, bogyуszerыen vйgzхdх szopуkбjъ pacifier termйszetellenes open бllkapocstartбst eredmйnyez.- If bбrmilyen szoptatбsi problйma occurs - mellbimbу sebesedйs, elйgtelen gyarapodбs, kelletйnйl less milk, low szopбstechnika - йs цrцkre immediately let into the teat, cumisьveg йs bimbуvйdх hasznбlatбt.- of the mellbimbу йs breast milk never causes allergies.- If you decide to use baby packs, change them every two months, and provide daily cleansing, disinfection.- It is best to never feed the baby's mouth. However, if it is March, it is only for a very short time. Sleep, walk, play always take it out of your mouth (Expertise: Mathilde Furtenbach Speech Therapist, Breastfeeding Expert, Innsbruck)

Get used tips

Do not fasten the pacifier to your child's clothes, stroller or bike with a chain or ribbon. Because it is always on hand, it is also dangerous! The loose pacifier keeps falling off, and even after a while, the baby deliberately drops it. So it is too hot a day to wash and return it hundreds of times, rather forget it at the end, as it is generally not good to have it in your mouth. we give the pacifier if the child really wants itand not for the sake of typing your mouth a little, and to make you more patient. You have to wait in the order, in the shopping center, in the store, the kid is bringing you louder because he is hot and he wants to get out of there so he gets pacifiers. When the third time you push it back into your mouth, it frantically spits out and starts to cry.- The child does not fret, does not behave nervously, is not hungry and does not succumb, but gets prevented soother.- Because of the nipple, he takes a dummy.- He thinks that by moving and frequent breastfeeding he will lighten up the little one, so he gives him more dummy because it is calmer. .Thank you all the way to the bottom: any of the situations listed above, there are always at least three, a cushioning solution to reassure your baby.

From bread to silk beans

There is a big pitfall in the application of soothing cum. An old loaf of bread was wrapped in a small piece of water and put into the baby's mouth. Sometimes they also added plaid or blankets to help the child sleep better. Nowadays, souvenirs made of rubber or silicone have become commonplace, and the names of natural materials give the baby a silk bean in the mouth of a baby.

You have to cum!

The use of "breast pads" is a controversial issue. Psychologists agree that the child plays a prominent role in the child's first phase of development. elimination of center-centered instincts. You have to cum, but maybe not artificial pacifiers! A kid accustomed to different tools has served his parents: he can only become passionate if the adult gives him a pacifier. Parents are in the service of the pacifier: if they fall out of the baby's mouth, they have to be put back, even at night, in the urine. To forget or lose Cum at home is a little natural tap. But the breast, the thumb, is always on hand.Jutka tells: So two of my kids sucked their fingers, one a month. When their teeth began to grow, they stopped giving this time. I was breastfeeding them on demand, I think they had just given up on finger sucking when it was a bit uncomfortable.Irma tells me: I saluted a lot in one of the armchairs, sucking my finger. Daddy was very angry at this, everyone was down in front of me, he was blasphemous, and he put a lot of hands on me. I was trying to get into my room, mainly drawing. Fйltem. I couldn't sleep at night either. There are still problems with this.Andi's story: All my two kids were cumming. So I took it away at another age. Both of them had a night's sleep, but I sat there beside them and tried to calm them down. It wasn't successful, but I knew if I gave it back, we could start again in a few days. I tried to see the soother in her mouth.